November 26, 2012

Hello there!

Does anyone ever read this? If so, you should drop by and say hello. Haha. I am shameless for fishing for hellos, right? Seriously, update me on life, will you? So how long has it been since I've updated this blog? It's been two months! I know, this is terrible. I love this blog, but there's too much effort involved when it comes down to editing photos and writings.

Anyway, it's almost my birthday (YIKES, the big 22!)and what I truly want is this watch. Way too many bloggers that I follow have been wearing these beautiful timepieces from Daniel Wellington. Oh yes, I am jealous for my lack of blog status. However, all these complaints aren't going anywhere. I'm still pretty superstitious and would have to purchase my own timepiece.

That's all for today. I shall update more on life soon! :D  


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