September 24, 2012

Waltz #2 by Elliott Smith

I'm not the biggest fan of searching for new music. I enjoy sitting there waiting for a new song approach me, like, EUREKA! I'm not going to make an effort to find the next new indie sensation. Haha. Indie? I am terrible when it comes down to liking a particular genre in music (though, I kinda dislike r&b and rap more often than not). I actually listen to Top 40 radio stations and sing along likeee ccrazy! Anyway, the number of songs in my itunes is comparably less than most people because I don't know how to download. :( However, I am oh-so-content. :)

Listening to my current-favorite radio station, I heard a catchy song and I had to find it. So, I looked up the song based on the lyrics I remembered and viola, it's Waltz #2! :) Haha. I feel so lame for googling anything. It makes me feel so stupid, not knowing anything. After my search, I realized that I HAVE THE SONG! I have most of Elliott Smith's songs on my laptop (Thanks Roni!). I just don't remember/listen to everything I have. So, thanks, fantastic radio station for reminding me that I have hidden treasures in my tiny music collection. :)


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