September 23, 2012

Rose-Coloured Lens

So, the little one finally left. And, I am at loss at how I feel. Just, I feel bad that I couldn't see her off. She was devastated, but I felt it was fate. Getting sick was fate, right? Honestly, I was going to go after I barfed, anyway. I already prepared my clothes the night before. And, it was just cramps. But, I psyched myself out this morning, feeling a little unwell. So disgusting. She tried to be strong this morning, but yeah, she's not so good with good-byes. I truly felt guilty for not going so couldn't sleep after they left at 6am.

This photo here is how the world looks in my super spiffy sunglasses. As you can tell, I stopped wearing them...and they're collecting dust. I am always awed by how different the colors are. It's funny...when I first wore these glasses, I kept thinking that the world looked spectacular. But now, it's not special. Minds are fickle. I am fickle. I wonder how my thoughts will just a couple days


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