September 22, 2012

July 19th 2012

Remember July 19? I woke up feeling a different perspective. Instead of dreading my day as usual, I felt to energized and buzzed with power. I felt as if there was this sense of purpose for me being here in this world. Actually, as stupid as this sounds, I felt so high on life. Maybe it was because I finished the book. Maybe I had a beautiful dream the night before. I don't know. I just felt as if I was living in this super happy song.

Oh gosh, my writing form is so terrible. But, I can't seem to put my thoughts into words. They're all over the place. Everything looked so beautiful. I couldn't help but admire everything. I thought the skies looked extraordinarily colorful and cheering for me to go through with my day. I can almost remember when I took almost every single photo (yes, that's the curse of a fantastic memory, haha, just kidding). When I saw these photos right now, I couldn't help but transport back to the moment. I was practically whistling with glee leaving through the back door of our house, for work. For some reason I looked up and stoppd abruptly. Oh gosh, the sky looked so beautiful. Just, so so so beautiful. I kept looking and admired the view so decided to capture the moment. Yes, I know, the photos aren't special. Actually, I know some of you all will call them mediocre and shun me for pointing my camera in the sun. But, I don't care. I don't care my photos suck (right now). That doesn't matter (right now). All I care is that these photos captured how I felt at the moment. I am so grateful for all that I have.


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