September 21, 2012

Dolores Park

Hi there. It's been awhile. Hope you all have been doing well. So, this past summer, I went to Berkeley. I got the chance to see San Francisco again. And, to tell you the truth, the more I go there, the more I want to stay there. But, then again, I have a feeling I just like calm, peaceful, chaotic, noisy places that's not home. Maybe, by identifying some place as a home, it is permanent, making me dislike it all. Maybe, despite how realistic I've always been, I'm actually a dreamer.

I remember sitting around Dolores Park after Roni and I got some sandwiches at Ike's Place. We just sat there. For awhile, we didn't talk. Either we're just terrible with small talk and chatting about life with each other, or we're just content. I really enjoyed taking my time, indulging in happiness. And, yes, happiness did involve a ton of mayo (despite how picky I can get with foods). There was a lot of people (including that lovely man, searching for treasures!) We saw a ton of young adults sitting in the park, enjoying the sun. Unfortunately, a ton of them were smoking marijuana as well. No disrespect, but I dislike the scent of that stuff. I think I have been conditioned to hate that scent after our neighbor broke into our car and left all the ashes in our car. -_____________-

I cannot emphasize enough how relaxed I felt that day. I don't think I felt as relaxed and content as I did during my mini-vacation. I think part of the reason why I felt so happy was because I had to--I paid for this with my own money. I didn't take many photos of details, but that's okay. I don't strive to be a good photographer, anymore.

All I can say is that...I am kind of feeling nostalgic for the past. I keep thinking the past cannot beat the present or the future. This mindset of will eventually be my downfall. But, for now, just let me think back to the past just a little bit. Thanks. :)


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