August 27, 2012

Summer 2012

How was this past summer? Honestly, I don't remember much of it. All I can say is that I feel pretty good about myself, so it must have been fairly nice. :)

1. Christine moving in day; hang out at Denny's with Anthony, Christina, Christine, Danny.
2. Bible comes to America; hang out with Alvin, Bible, Fefe (sp?)
3. Hazel's birthday; quick photo with Alice!
4. San Francisco and Berkeley; Prior to watching The Dark Knight Rises with Julian and Roni!
5. On the road; in the car with Veronica + her family!
6. Getty Museum with Alvin, Bible, Fefe
7. Beautiful day; July 19
8. San Francisco; Dolores Park with Roni
9. Cafe Roule; green tea lemonade :)
10. San Francisco; outside of the theatres
11. Game night at Christina's; also a housewarming gathering!
12. Hang out with Christine which turned into a high school reunion and slacklining with Andrew, Annie, Darwin, Danny
13. Old Pasadena with the little one; fantastic snack from the Bun Truck
14. Einstein's Bagels; panini lunches with the sisters (+delicious blueberry smoothie)
15. Berkeley; egg tarts at the dim sum truck with Veronica; delicious, by the way!
16. Old Pasadena with the little one; super delicious frozen yogurt from 21 Choices (you should go there with (or without) me!)  


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