July 17, 2012

Work/Academic Schedules

So today is my registration date. I'm just so tired and stressed out over thinking about registering for classes. Because, not only do I create my classes for myself, I want to do it for others. Ohgoodness, I'm at school on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays all day. Well, basically 8am - 7pm. :/ It's not so bad compare to my schedule last fall. 

I'm just afraid that things would be exactly the same as last fall, where I couldn't handle my workload and yeah, broke down last minute. I'm afraid of that happening again. Hope it doesn't. 

Anyway, I told Kathryn that I was working about 14 hours a week and she was okay with it, but she told me that it wasn't enough. I felt as if that's more than enough, but I know what she means. All she has is 3 student assistants to help her with study abroad stuff and that's all. It doesn't help when one of the students barely comes to work. So, she's going to hire someone to work about 20 hours a week (eeek!). However, it looks like I might be there A LOT, taking 5 classes and working! My work schedule is like: 12pm - 4pm (or 5pm) on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Fridays?  That's like all my afternoons. :/ I don't even get a social life. But then again, I don't exactly have a social life. When I do hang out with friends, it's usually the weekends, so I guess that's all right. I'm just feeling a little guilty for not hanging out with everyone that much. But, then again, something that most of my friends know, but don't do is visit me. They are more than welcome to come join me while I work. My supervisors are pretty much okay with it. I may look busy, but I can still interact with them. 

Ah, getting to the point, I am contemplating on working an extra four hours. Instead of having one of my classes in the morning, I am going to have that class from 7pm - 10pm on Tuesday evenings. How's about that? I don't know! Do I really want to stay that long? Wouldn't I crash and burn at the end of the day? If I were to stay at school that late, it will only be for myself, not for school! It sounds so draining. So, my contemplation on this situation is....should I please Kathryn and work an additional 4 hours a week, causing me to stay at school longer, and most likely breaking down near the end of the semester? Or should I not? I mean the perks for working two hours extra in the morning is that is I get to start my classes much later in the day, meaning I can hit traffic and not worry about being late to class. Also, I will get more money. Lastly, I get to please her. ARGHGHSDFJKDS!!!! This is terrible. Just the thought of my academic/work schedule makes me feel like barfing right now. :/ 


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