July 14, 2012

Caring too much

Do I care too much? I remember when I went through that one incident of turmoil of fear and panic last fall, she told me that my personality shows that I cared. I cared too much for people, following up, asking them questions, creating huge misunderstandings. So, I tried to stop for awhile. Not asking people how they are. Not following up. Not making any effort for awhile. But, I guess I can't really stop that part of me. Because, that's me. I want to know. I am tempted to continue to care. I really want to know. In a world where we all only care about ourselves (which is okay, too), I want others to understand that there are people who truly want to know what's happening. I hope people would stop misunderstanding my intentions, though. Because, truly, I do care. And that's all. No ulterior motives. 


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