March 1, 2012

The Submarines

This feels like a long-awaited long post, but I'm not going to write about Korea, as I have so much to say. (I have written a lot of disorganized thoughts about everything so far. So bear with me.) All I have to say is that I got here fine, y'all. Well, you know that already since I am writing here.

So, last Friday, Alice and I went to watch Ra Ra Riot, The Submarines, and Papa perform at the Observatory down in Santa Ana. We first had Mexican food at some random place in Santa Ana. That place looked so shady. There were people loitering in front of the fast food place. Seriously wanted to go eat at the Subway next door after seeing them. But, we stayed. Anyway, I ordered one fish taco and also wanted to get chicken nuggets and fries. But, guess what happened? The cashier told me THEY RAN OUT OF CHICKEN NUGGETS. How dare they deprive me of them? I was ready to try a chicken nugget again after years of deprivation, but NO!!!! So, a fish taco and a lot of fries, and some pineapple drink. Hands down, King Taco is still better.

Heading to the concert, this is embarrassing to say, because I was navigating her phone with GPS, but I got us lost. When we passed by The Observatory, I thought it was a movie theater--with the crummy looking words on the sign. Such a fail. Who gets lost with a GPS?

About the concert. One word--amazing! I don't like gushing, but it was amazing, seeing them all perform live. Especially, Ra Ra Riot (even though I barely listen to them)--they looked so passionate while performing and having fun. Maybe they aren't as friendly as I perceived them, but it looks that way. The worst part about working backstage was seeing all the drama happening and being treated like crap. But, seeing this, it made me want to do stagecraft again. Oh, and The Submarines were (and still are) awesome. I tried to take photos of them, but for some stupid reason, I turned up the ISO in my camera. Seriously, why in the world did I do that? It wasn't even dark. Anyway, I didn't get any decent photos. At the end of the concert, I went to purchase a CD from them. The lead female singer said, "You want to buy this? We're not Ra Ra Riot." Shocked, I said, "Yeah! I wanted to buy a CD from you guys! You guys are awesome!" Oh, I was kind of starstruck, talking to her. I kept saying that they were awesome. And, I asked if she could sign the CD. I am such a weirdo--I forgot to ask the male singer to sign it, too! :\

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You, Me, and Bourgeoisie by The Submarines


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