March 29, 2012


People tell me that it's unavoidable to get homesick while studying abroad. When I was told this, I scoffed, believing that I could be an exception. True to everyone's words, I got homesick and tried to lie to myself about it. It has been rather difficult to lie to myself, because I know myself a little too well. However, when in a group, it has been a little easier to forget it all. Alone, I feel it. The solitude is slowly killing me. For some reason, I found today the hardest for me. I mean, I've been alone before. But, I've felt the turmoil of emotions--anger, sadness, melancholy..

It's suppose to get easier, right? I was suggested, whenever feeling homesick, I should go outside and do something. Just be distracted. Truthfully, I haven't been doing much. My only distraction is hanging out with the guys. But, they have a life. Another thing is running. However, my foot is hurt. All I want to do is run. Just run, run, run and forget it all.

It sickens me. I'm just overwhelming myself with so much self-pity.

I can't wait until this passes.


  1. Hey Lily. I know how you feel, and I haven't even been away from home that long! I miss my space, you know what I mean? That space you create for yourself and fill with people and things that make you feel comfortable and loved. It will get better, you will create a new space for yourself eventually, and you'll be sad to leave it and return home. Life's funny that way.

    1. Hi Amelia! :) Thank you for your words of comfort and encouragement. I hope you're doing well!

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