January 11, 2012

Sturtevant Falls Hike--Film

trees on the way to sturtevant Falls
Last Thursday, I went hiking with Andrew, Calvin, Christina, Christine, and Veronica. We hiked to Sturtevant Falls. The waterfall was so pretty. I don't have photos posted here because all my film photos turned out pretty bad. Reminder: ISO 100 means you need a lot of light, Lily!! Instead of beating myself up, I'm seeing this as a learning experience. Though, I really should have known--I took photography class, for goodnesssakes!

On the way to the waterfall, Cola (Christina's dog) got attacked by a pitbull. The owner, Christina and everyone else tried to pry the dogs apart. I just stood there and watched. I'm glad the bystander effect didn't go off during that time. But, the damage was done, Cola had several fractured ribs and was frighten during the rest of the hike. As for the pitbull, he (I'm inferring that the dog was a male) was fine. He and his owner eventually left. After finding out that the owner left, everyone was pretty angry. I felt so bad, because I didn't stop the owner from leaving. I was the closest to him. He stood next to me (well, not next to me, because I was kind of afraid of his dog) awkwardly with his dog for about two minutes, watching Christina nurtured injured Cola (and probably feeling bad). I didn't know there was some proper etiquette of staying and seeing if the dog was fine...so when the dog owner left, I actually said and waved good-bye! (Ahhh, I know! You guys must be so pissed, knowing that I did not stop him!!) So, yes, because I was naive, I didn't know that I should have stopped him from leaving and making him assume responsibility.

Overall, the rest of the hike was fine. We made it to the waterfall without getting excessively wet when crossing the streams (but I did had an almost-fall and got my right shoe slightly wet). However, I was rather disappointed with the hike. I don't know... I kind of assumed that it was going to be a tremendously difficult (and tiring) hike. So, when we arrived to the waterfall, I found it rather anti-climatic. Though, on the way back, it was tiring. My right shin was hurting (like Christina and Christine! Ahhh, the consequence of doing cross country). We mostly went uphill, so I kept catching my breath (and walking super slow). I have other awesome (okay, I'm exaggerating) digital photos from the hike. I will definitely upload those photos soon.

Honestly, I need a better scanner. That's what happens when you use an all-in-one copier/scanner/printer.
road trip
Stuck the camera out during the car ride.
Christine Calvin
Christine (holding Cola) and Calvin
calvin driving
Calvin being super spiffy and driving; Rather terrifying because we on the edge of mountain.

Rescue by Seabird


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