January 3, 2012

Just Another Tuesday at Work

Just saw one of my Advertising Writing professors today as I left work during my lunch break and was very excited! I was practically gushing! I know, I am easily enthused. Truthfully, I was rather hesitant to speak with her because she, like many professors, intimidate me. But, the conversation went really well--probably because she's no longer my professor so I don't have to fear her enough to break down. Near the end of the conversation, I told her that I was going to study abroad to South Korea and her reaction surprised me. She hugged (!!) me and said, "I am very excited for you!" Then she said, "Make a blog and post all your photos there and send me the link so I can follow you there."

It's weird, I don't really want to show many people that I know THIS blog. Maybe I will create a new one just for Korea. But, I should just suck it up and let people know of this one because this has always been the one that I intended to show others in the future. BUT, I also don't want everyone to read my complaints about life... Ahhh! I'll decide later.

Anyhow, it is odd how I appreciate my Communications professors more than my Psychology professors. I feel like a changed and motivated person after each and every Communications course. As for Psychology courses, I don't really like most of them--probably because they're all research oriented (which is a stupid excuse because I have intentions of getting into research). I feel like I should appreciate my dominant major more than my second major...


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