January 12, 2012

Film photos

stop sign
I fell in love with photography when I developed my first film photo. Sounding rather anti-climatic, it was a photo of a fence. Though, I always loved seeing the intricate pattern being more focused than the background. Sure, I have been taking photos during the past year for yearbook but film photography that made me want my own slr film camera. Film photography forces you to understand how every function in a camera works. You can't rely solely on automatic. You had to remember everything--what type of film you were using and as well as the light. You only get one chance to capture the moment... Now that's magical.
trees parking
Despite all my talk, I have yet to buy a slr film camera. I have been using a point and shoot. I have been eyeing this one Minolta. But, I don't know. it seems like I don't really care as much when it comes down to film cameras as I thought.

These two photos (scanned from my crummy scanner) were part of the same roll of film from hiking. I couldn't wait to process the hiking photos, but I also had 5 photos left to take, so I took photos during my walk to Target from the car. These photos, compare to the hiking photos were much better. Unfortunately, they have less significance to me.

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