December 7, 2011

Magic wand

Kid photos are so cute. I wish I was a cuter kid--I'd post some of mine.
I have been missing in action for awhile. Sorry. Final projects are coming along. Finals are next week. Everything is coming to an end this semester. I don't have time to feel sad and nostalgic.
On another note, I basically got into the Korea uni that I wanted to get into! Finally received an email from my advisor and the college on Monday, asking me for last minute paperwork and they'll send me a lovely ACCEPTANCE LETTER! So, I'm happy--I'm outta here! Haha. I'm glad that I get the chance to start anew. This is the best birthday present EVER! <3
I feel... euphoric. The chance of getting accepted seems so intangible. It's like magic--like, some force is helping me. On a serious note, my study abroad adviser said that everyone gets accepted to this program because we have a school agreement with them. But, I couldn't help but feel scared because they didn't send our school any information for two months. Just as I was about to give up, I received an email. Just like that child, I found this as a jaw-dropping moment and full of smiles. I'm glad I got the chance to give good news here.

Buy this wand from etsy or make a magic wand for moi? :) I don't know what I will ever do with a felt wand, but it is so darn cute. I can be such a hoarder. You will not believe the mess in my desk right now.

Will update soon (or after finals). Good luck, all! <3


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