November 6, 2011

Crampy problems

I can be such a coward. Today is the first day of my lady times of the month (I know, congratulations, right?)! Typically, my cramps come the next day. In this case, it will come tomorrow. Knowing this, I feel hesitant going to work tomorrow. What if things get as bad as the last one? Cramps, headaches, vision problems, numbness, vomit, dysentery? (OH my, that's was too much information!) Do I really want that to happen? Though, in my prior experience, I do not have consistent horrible effects each month. Typically, it's once every couple months. On the other hand, I do not want to risk going to work, only to feel this agony of dying. So, what should I do? What have I decided? I'm not going to think about it until tomorrow morning. I am quite the role model, right? I should stop putting way too personal information in this blog. :/


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