November 24, 2011


It's Thanksgiving! I never really say, "Hey, it's Thanksgiving, and I want to tell you how thankful I am for having you in my life" because it's cheesy, and I don't do cheesy. On the other hand, I just pretend it's just another day, because it is another day. We don't have to dedicate a day telling all our loved ones that we are thankful of them. Though, I think I do need THIS day. I don't express my feelings often so this kind of gives me the push to say, "Hey. I love you. Thanks for being part of my life." Though, the longer I think about this, it sounds so insincere...telling people that I'm thankful of them on Thanksgiving. They're probably thinking, You couldn't think of any other day to say it except on Thanksgiving? What's wrong with you?!

So, thank you (you know who you guys are) all for being part of my lives. This year, I thought it would be easier on everyone if I stopped relying on your support. Though, I feel like it's much tougher than I thought. I started to doubt my friendship with everyone--whether they'd last. Was it worth the effort if it would fall apart? I got scared. More recently, I got reassured that things are okay, no matter what. I am scared, but I have to stop letting fear dominate. So, it's okay. It's okay that our friendships may fall apart (becoming strangers and all), I still want to be part of your lives.

Anyway, I want to thank all the family, friends, and everyone else who have supported me. I have my ups and downs (mostly downs, more recently), but I'm grateful. Happy Thanksgiving! 感恩節快樂!


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