October 21, 2011

Second Exam Study Sessions

I went to Bev's study sessions in the morning and late afternoons to help her out. We agreed to try and facilitate sessions together so that she could help me out. The first session (which had 20+ people) was pretty disorganized, but it looked like everyone was content, even though we didn't go through all the chapters. The second study session had 3 people. It was a pretty good session. Small, just the way I liked it. So, I talked a bit more during the session, telling the 3 students what they needed to know, and asking them what they knew about everything.

At the end of the second session, Bev applauded me for my confidence. She told me that she wanted me to finish the session because I talked a lot more. So, study sessions with a few people are better. It is still the public speaking skills that I lack.

Anyway, I will not be facilitating sessions by myself for this exam since I was traumatized by my last session by myself. I did offer "office hours" for the next three days. I do not know if students will take advantage of it, but it's out there. The bad part about everything is that I have to stay on campus longer than I like. :/

All in all, things are okay! :)


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