October 4, 2011

I'm such a Klutz

I need to sleep more. I'm sick of feeling faint and anemic for the past couple days. How can you all sleep so little and work all day? I slept about 4 hours each night for the past 5 days (weekends, too). My body has been crashing a couple times today. I felt tired and I don't know... it just scared me. I kept thinking that I was getting sick, until I realized that I haven't been sleeping much. Anyway, no more complaining--it's immature. :)

Getting to the point of this post, I can be such a klutz. -_- When I use to work in the auditorium, people had to watch out for me because I never looked down, tripping over wires and chairs and even stairs. This morning I made a klutzy move-- I wasn't really a klutz. I had to wash about 6 big bowls for work; 5 empty bowls and 1 bowl had melted ice water. I walked next door to the study abroad office, carrying everything. Standing in front of their door, I realized that I couldn't open it door without putting everything in the floor. I put all the bowls in the floor and accidentally pushed the top bowl with water sideways, spilling all the water in front of their office doorway! Oh boyy, I freaked out. Trying to stay calm, I grabbed all the bowls, told the receptionist calmly that I made a mess and will clean it up, left the bowls in the kitchen and then went back to the office I worked at to grab one of those huge rolls of paper towels. Basically, I spent 30 minutes trying to soak up all the water and drying the entrance of the office. It was embarrassing, explaining to everyone what happened; Joseph and Rosie laughed, Amber sympathized my situation, Kathryn knew I made the mess (how did she know, she didn't see me). Now everyone next door knows me as a klutz! Great impression, right? I'm trying to study abroad and I create havoc amongst their office!

Another thing about me, I ruin surprises. Tsktsk. Yesterday was Anna's birthday. However, her surprise birthday celebration at work was TODAY! When I was about to leave, Rosie to me to wait because the cake was in the fridge. Bored of waiting, I went to the back office to talk to Jay (Veterans tutor). Apparently catching up with him took awhile (mostly because I was talking about how tired I was and complaining like usual; By the way, I need more guy friends, I like how guys are such great listeners.) because all my bosses started whisper-shouting at me, "LILY!!" Because I was busy talking, I ruined the surprise. Anna started to feel suspicious about everything. Anyway, we did sing happy birthday and all was well, but yeah, I suck at surprises. (Not-So-Fun Fact: I had someone cry over of my surprise--not happy tears.)

Anyway, things are good despite the lack of sleep. Don't worry about me. I fear people worrying over me. Just sometimes, I forget that people who read my blog know me. I just complain a lot. So, I don't know... unless I call you, I'm okay. I like blogging because I'm afraid of forgetting who I was--forgetting my likes, dislikes, everything that I was. I'm scared of a lot of things...

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