September 10, 2011


There has been so much on my mind for the past couple days that I cannot sleep and have been waking up super early. Additionally, it has been awhile since I felt woozy when I woke up. Maybe it is a placebo effect since Christine told me about Eileen's immune system crashing, which result in expensive care about the emergency room.

So, I am really planning on studying abroad. I still do not know where I will go. Both South Korea and France sound like an amazing experience. Anyway, I have to drop by this one Communications professor's office to create a set of classes. This is why I have not asked my professors for recommendation letters. I should not be doing this so late. I have so little time left to ask for them, but I feel if I do not have my eyes set on a country or selected class yet, then I should not email and ask for the letters. Another thing I have to do is see a doctor for a physical. I am way too busy to take time to see a doctor. I have been saying that I will see an eye doctor for the past month and have not even made an appointment. With this in mind, if I can't take the time to see and optometrist, how am I even going to see a regular doctor? ARGH!

As for my classes, I am having trouble catching up. I cannot seem to read the text or write notes or anything. I have to somehow focus again. :/ Maybe when Mei finally goes off to college next week, I will stop worrying about her and focus more on myself. I know I have several exams in the week of the 18th so I have to start reading, writing, understanding.

So, I am kind of disappointed in myself because of everything happening this semester. I have this unwillingness to change myself for the better. Instead of having better study habits or whatnot, I do much worse. I guess a factor of this is that I have been sleeping so little.

I'll end this post here. I feel I spent too much time write nonsensical stuff.

If You Were Here --Cary Brothers (doing cover of Thompson Twins)
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