September 25, 2011


2 things:

1) I have a huge canker sore on my lower lip. It looks like I got beat up. It is absolutely painful. In addition to this lovely canker sore, there are two more sores nearby. Oh really? Why must you be like this? It has been a week and it's getting bigger. How is this possible? It was a horrible.. going around Koreatown yesterday, especially with something as painful as this.

2) I am on my lovely time of the month and suffering from it. Typically, it's just painful in my tummy until I take some pain relievers. I was aware of the tinge of pain when I woke up this morning but ignored it because I can't do anything about it until after eating breakfast. The only quick meal in this house was cereal and soy milk so I ate that and then took the pills. Instead of feeling better, things got worse and worse. The pain was more piercing and the feeling of nausea came about. I went to the restroom in hopes of better circulation and ended up barfing all over the bathroom tub. It was disgusting--well any type of vomit is disgusting-- and I smelled soy milk. Smelling this, I started retching all over again. It was a cycle of barfing over the smell until I turned on the water to rid the vomit. After this, I still felt sick, lay on the couch suffering from the pain and barfed all over again an hour later. Anyway, I'm going to take the day off work tomorrow and recover. Ah, recover, this isn't going to happen. There are so much assignments needed to be filled out.

What I got from this experience is:
1) I don't think I can drink Asian produced soy milk again.
2) I should see a doctor about this--this has occurred more than 6 times.
3) I can't do anything when things get this tough--I'm give up too easily. :(


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