September 16, 2011

Facilitating a Study Session

Today I got off of my cognitive psychology early and decided to drop by the other TA's study session on Communications History since I might have to facilitate my own session next Tuesday afternoon by myself. Oh my gosh, there was over 20 people in the room! I didn't expect to see that many students attending the study session. Anyway, Beverly did wonderful. She gave terms to the students, telling them what she will cover. Unlike many tutors, she asked the group of students about each of the terms (i.e. John Milton--who is he? Tell me what you guys learned about him.) Essentially, she was helping the students to retrieve the information that Professor Longshaw gave them throughout the last couple weeks.

I fear I cannot do well, compare to her. She was phenomenal! She is so charismatic and she does not have fear of public speaking. Those students who went to the last three sessions will compare the both of us. And, obviously, they would think the Beverly did better just because she's so confident and relaxed. I will be shaky and ahhh! I am so nervous, thinking about facilitating the study session. One of the reasons why I am terrified for next week is because I cannot project my voice. :(

When I dropped by the work place, I told Susan about my fear for next Tuesday. Since she is a psychology professor, she understood my fear, but she wasn't too worried for me. She believed in me. Anyway, she gave me some ideas. She suggested that I do a Jeopardy session with the 20 students that will attend and throw out candy to those who go the answers correct! Sounds fun, right? She wanted me to do something fun since she knew how difficult it is for students to remember.

This is still shocking! I have to facilitate my own study session! I'm going to be the authority amongst a group! Can you believe this?! I can't seem to grasp that this is really going to happen!


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