September 30, 2011

Being nice

I believe in nice people, sometimes. Other times, I don't know...

Being nice in daily occurrences can be so difficult. I think it's best to be spontaneously nice. If you are too nice to one person, you are a pushover. If you are too cold, you are a bitch. So, which is worse? It depends on the situation. I think when it comes to strangers, it is always best to be nice.

Today is one of those days where I felt like I was truly nice. Events unfold to create such a situation--it's not like I intentionally go around trying to do my 5 good deeds of the day (though, I should). Ahh, okay, I'm pretty nice most of the time--reluctantly helpful.

Walking downstairs from the parking structure, I saw this guy who looked like an Asian international student (just because he was wearing a cap) carrying a 32 bottles pack of water, a 24 pack of soda, a backpack, and a laptop bag. Worried, I sped down the stairs to ask him if he needed help. It's absurd, really, what I did, because usually I considered my actions before doing anything. Instead of caring about how others judged me, I let my actions take over.

Back to the story, I ran up to his right side and asked, "Do you need any help with that?" He answered (in a twang, like he's from the southern states, which is weird because he's Asian), "Ahhre you going the saahme way?" I answered, "Um, I don't know. Where building are you heading to?" He say (in that bizarre accent of his), "Mihaylo." I said, "Well, I'm not going that way, but I can definitely help you out. That looks really heavy." He hesitated a bit and eventually said, "Nahhh, I think I'm gooood." Instead of fighting to help him because he's a stranger I say, "Really? Are you sure?" He goes, "Yeahh. Thanks for offering, though."

Okay, I didn't get the chance to help him and should have fought to help him, so it doesn't make me a good person. Anyway, he is Filipino or something. And, he's not an international student. He's probably from the south. After this situation, I can't help but feel good about myself for attempting to do some good. It's weird. I mentioned the other day (not here) that there's no "true altruism" because we are always attempting to make either ourselves feel better or others. I guess there are moments when we truly want to help... but everything gets ruined once we tell others about it. Nonetheless, I really felt good about my action this morning.

Another "good" thing I did today was giving someone a free scantron. Well, it is not anything unusual because I typically give people scantrons whenever they forget to bring it during class. Even before Andrew gave me a stack of scantrons, I handed them out without asking for anything back.

I was posting flyers around the bulletin board around campus around 3pm when some guy asked me if any other places on campus sold scantrons because all the bookstores were closed around noon. (Now that I think about it, there are vending machines around campus that sold scantrons.) I asked, "Did you need a scantron for a class right now?" He says, "Yeah. I have a midterm today at 4pm." Feeling sorry for him, I said, "Well, I have scantrons. I can give you one, if you'd like." He says, "Really? Thank you." I said, "I work upstairs--follow me." It was an awkward walk up to workplace because we didn't talk. Also, my supervisor saw the whole thing--bringing a guy to work (she teased me about it with the other co-workers later). I gave him a scantron and he said, "I appreciate you giving me this." I said, "Yeah, no problem. Good luck on your exam." He says "Thanks", takes the scantron and leaves. Kind of a quick departure--probably because he thought men aren't allowed at a WoMen's Center or he's really a douche that used me for a scantron. Honestly, I don't really care about who he truly is, but being nice gives me this warm and fuzzy feeling. :)

Frankly, I did not need to list all these stories because I sound like I'm gloating. But, I really wanted to talk about something that happened today. I was pretty touched by what happened since I was pretty frustrated that no one offered to help. It makes me believe that people can truly be nice. Though, the whole thing may just be chivalry.

So, I have been posting flyers all around campus. The last place I went to was the library. The library has a pretty big bulletin board. The bottom half of the board was filled with flyers. I didn't want to disturb the order of flyers, so I attempted to staple flyers in the top half of the board. There was this bench right in front of the bulletin board. I climbed on top of the bench and almost lost my balance. I didn't know if it was better to ask the people working at the library (who were watching me) for help or jump up and down to attempt to staple them (which could take awhile) . I chose the latter because asking for help is a sign of weakness. Side note: I accept help when it's offered, but I have too much pride to ask for help. Well, not as much pride as males, since they won't even ask for directions!

Basically, I looked so stupid in front of the bulletin board, jumping up and down, trying to stick the stupid flyers up. I concentrated so much on jumping up and down that I was surprised to hear a super tall guy ask, "Do you need help?" Defeated, I said, "Yes. Can you help me staple these last two flyers?" He put his books down in the bench and helped me staple the flyers. How nice, right? I thanked him and left him in front of the bulletin board after he was done since it looked like he was interested in reading the flyers. The end.

So, I just want to say, being nice does have its perks. It can truly make someone appreciate them. And, it was a nice day.

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September 28, 2011

We Are Perfect Being Imperfect

One of my favorite lines from a book I read was "We are perfect at being imperfect". I thought I could actually accept and live those those words, but I was being really naive.

I may believe that I have come to terms for failing so many times in the beginning of my life, but that's just the beginning. We just slowly forget about our failures. I am forgetting all the failed exams I had when I was younger. Failing precalculus once is a thing of the past. Being rejected to almost all the colleges was so long ago. With all this in mind, I believe I am content.

Things have been hectic for me for the past couple of weeks. Though, I didn't let them get to me. I just kept pushing them away because dealing with things head-on isn't what I'm familiar with. I let myself get the C's I deserved for not studying. I let myself slowly break apart. I've forgotten how to be the person I am trying to be. In the beginning, I wanted cum laude. I wanted to look good. I want to prove that despite not getting everything I wanted, I was able to succeed. But, I'm not so sure now. It kind of feels like I have senioritis. But, I'm not even a 4th year yet. I'm still in the beginning of my 3rd year. And, I still don't know what I want to do. It is so hard to figure what you want to do for the rest of your life. And, I expect things to come easy for me. Despite the knowledge that things will be hard, I continue to believe that I can be the exception. Don't worry, I'm beginning to change.

But, despite the imperfections that are presented upon me, despite all the failures I had in life, I do not want people to know that I'm human--I'm flawed--I make mistakes.

  • I had to do a simple job of inputting grades into the grading system online and I screwed up. I forgotten to curve all the grades up by 1 point.
  • I made a mistake on my psychology questionnaire which can create a huge error.
  • I overlooked my work duties.
  • I overestimated my answers and failed.
  • I didn't study.
I hate these flaws, these errors, these mistakes, these things that I notice myself doing more and more recently. I have always made mistakes. The mistakes are a part of me and I can't seem to accept them. What's wrong with me? Why do I care so much right now?

Doorways by Radical Face
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September 26, 2011

Korean Culture

Korean culture is really different from the American culture as learned from social psych. The difference is not particularly noticeable whenever hanging out with Korean-American friends. However, when hanging out with international students from South Korea, there are noticeable differences.

Saturday, September 24, I went out with Anna (Native American), Grace (Somalian), Jeesue (Korean), and Seul Ki (Korean) to the Downtown LA to sight see around Little Tokyo and Koreatown. More importantly, we wanted to go to the Korea Cultural Center to attend this event called "A Live Conversation with Sun Cho Yoon" featuring celebrities Lee Jun Ki and Park Hyo Shin.

We started the day eating in a fast food dim sum place near my house. I could not eat because my lower lip was in pain and breakfast was consumed right before leaving home. Since most of them never had dim sum, they didn't know what was best to eat. I didn't want to make their decisions, but I told them I enjoyed eating the egg tarts, steamed shrimp dumplings, daikon cake, chicken buns, and pineapple buns. Despite my best efforts, they got other things. The weirdest part was that they all got the same foods. Like, they all got the sticky sweet fried rice and siu mai (open topped steamed pork dumpling). I remember learning in Korean culture, everyone ate the same foods, but still, I never thought I'd experience this in first hand! Though, Grace and Anna also got other things in addition to the fried rice and dumplings.

After breakfast, we drove to Little Tokyo. There, we saw many people walking around in cosplay. Apparently the Cherry Blossom Festival was that day. We could not find this festival so the time walking around Little Tokyo was brief since there's nothing really extraordinary around there.
Next, we went to Koreatown to attend Los Angeles Korean Festival because Seul Ki's roommate's boyfriend told her about it (haha, I know, what?). It was pretty interesting to see a lot of Korean booths together in a festival. I am use to seeing huge Chinese festivals around home, but that is because I am Chinese. So, attending to this festival was much outside my comfort zone. A lot of Koreans tried to sell me things such as telling me to go their hair salon--is this a hint?! Also, Koreans soliciting assumed that I was Korean so started selling things to me in Korean. I apologized profusely many times because I did not know Korean. There were a lot of vendors that sold groceries despite the fact that it is a festival. I thought it was super cool to see a hanbok in real life. Also, it nice to see a drum performance by little children. Lastly, seeing Korean folk singers was an amazing experience.

After the festival, we finally went to the Korean Culture Center. It is so odd, there was actually people waiting in line for the event even though we were an hour and a half early! We were sitting in the second row of the auditorium which are pretty good seats since we get to see the celebrities close up. Note: many of the fans consists of Chinese, non-Asians, and not many Koreans. The event began around 5pm and 5 classical musicians came out--3 violinists, 1 violist, 1 pianist. Of course, the audience clapped early during the end of the performance. :/
Then, Representative Yoon Sun Cho of Korea came out that discussed with the audience about the Korean Wave. It was an interesting presentation, getting the chance to understand Korean Culture more. The Korean culture can be described in three words: dynamic, spiritual, and subtle. She showed images of Korean entertainment (K-Pop stars, celebrities, books, movies, dramas, etc), Korean historical images, artifacts and other fascinating things. I guess her presentation went too long so she sped through the historical information about South Korea. It really bummed me out because I don't know much about Korean history.
Later, Lee Jun Ki and Park Hyo Shin came out in their military uniform to represent the Korean Army. The audience went crazy. I was more interested in the conference being over since I didn't know who they were. The questions asked by the audience were rather simple. Well, some of the questions were really deep, but answers seemed forced. There are some questions that requires answers that sound traitorous. But, most of the answers sounded patriotic. Also, Lee Jun Ki answered most of the questions which is a disappointment. I know he is great and all that he understands English, but he barely even spoke it (except when someone was like, "I'm your fan" and he goes, "Thank you. You're beautiful. All my fans are beautiful" which made me laugh so hard! Also, at the end of the Q&A, someone goes, "Do you have a girlfriend?" He didn't hear what she said and said, "Thank you. I love you." hahahaha, that was so hilarious!) Like I mentioned, I was disappointed that the other celebrities did not answer the questions from the audience. I know he is more popular than the other celebrities, but I'd like to know the opinions of the other two guys and that one other pretty girl who is a violinist!
At the end of the conference, fans were waiting outside to get a chance to photograph more of the celebrities. It was pretty chaotic, watching everyone act like paparazzi!

After this, we went to "School Food Blooming Roll" to have dinner. I guess in Korean culture, people shared food and ate together whereas Americans were more individualistic. Well, I am going to assume that most Asian cultures are like this because Chinese people share their foods, too. Anyway, Jeesue and Seul Ki assumed that we were going to share food together which sounded good to me, but Anna and Grace wanted their own items so we all ended up ordering separately. I was disappointed, because I didn't really know what was good. Additionally, that sore in my mouth was really killing me by then--any spicy food would make things worse. There wasn't any porridge, so I got shrimp fried rice which guaranteed no spice. Jeesue and Seul Ki did end up sharing food whereas I had to slowly eat fried rice. :(
We ended the day going to a karaoke place. I didn't want to go there since I had no experience embarrassing myself singing the latest pop songs. Actually, I have no experience going to a karaoke place singing! Ahhh. Jeesue and Seul Ki looked like they had so much fun singing Korean songs. I guess that's because this is what many Koreans do for fun. Oh, Grace and Anna loved singing songs, too! For me, it was pretty awkward. I didn't know what to sing and didn't want others to hear my off-keyed voice. In the end, I did end up having fun singing along (because no one could hear me) and sang one song (Take on Me by A-ha). :)

All in all, the day was pretty fun. I got the chance to learn more about Korean culture. In addition, I stepped out of my comfort zone a little more. Also, I'm pretty excited to go to South Korea next semester.

September 25, 2011


2 things:

1) I have a huge canker sore on my lower lip. It looks like I got beat up. It is absolutely painful. In addition to this lovely canker sore, there are two more sores nearby. Oh really? Why must you be like this? It has been a week and it's getting bigger. How is this possible? It was a horrible.. going around Koreatown yesterday, especially with something as painful as this.

2) I am on my lovely time of the month and suffering from it. Typically, it's just painful in my tummy until I take some pain relievers. I was aware of the tinge of pain when I woke up this morning but ignored it because I can't do anything about it until after eating breakfast. The only quick meal in this house was cereal and soy milk so I ate that and then took the pills. Instead of feeling better, things got worse and worse. The pain was more piercing and the feeling of nausea came about. I went to the restroom in hopes of better circulation and ended up barfing all over the bathroom tub. It was disgusting--well any type of vomit is disgusting-- and I smelled soy milk. Smelling this, I started retching all over again. It was a cycle of barfing over the smell until I turned on the water to rid the vomit. After this, I still felt sick, lay on the couch suffering from the pain and barfed all over again an hour later. Anyway, I'm going to take the day off work tomorrow and recover. Ah, recover, this isn't going to happen. There are so much assignments needed to be filled out.

What I got from this experience is:
1) I don't think I can drink Asian produced soy milk again.
2) I should see a doctor about this--this has occurred more than 6 times.
3) I can't do anything when things get this tough--I'm give up too easily. :(

September 21, 2011

Study Session Review

As I mentioned in a post earlier, one of the responsibilities of being a TA is facilitating a study session. This is completely different from my past Teacher Aide experiences. I did much of the important paper work in the counselor's office during high school when I was TA. Additionally, I just took attendance when I was TA for the PE teacher.

The study session, in my opinion, was a disaster. I lack the ability to be a leader. Honestly, despite my fear of public speaking and looking like an authority figure amongst the older adults, I was pretty excited. However, I wasn't prepared for this moment. I let other priorities surpass the fact that I will be doing this. In the end, I prepared for this session last minute. There are no external factors influencing this, since I did know that this will happen.

I tried to do what Beverly did. Well, I originally wanted to do it the same way she did; state the term and ask students to elaborate on the meaning. However, things didn't go the way it was planned.

So, I was expecting a handful of students because Beverly emailed me stating that about 5 people said that they were interested in my session. I was relieved because I couldn't do well with groups more than 5 people because people can't hear me.

When I arrived, there were two people. As the session progressed, about 10 more people came. I was so intimidated because they were older than me (4th years!) and worldlier (whatever that means). Additionally, I realized how unprepared I was. I should've read more into the text before entering the session. I should stop procrastinating. There are so many should-haves.

So, as more people arrived, I got more nervous. The students kept asking me to repeat myself because I was too low. The girl next to me asked for a repeat! I must have been THAT quiet.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I disappointed the students. I was too quiet.

On the other hand, I expected a lot more out of them. I thought that they would know more than they did. I kept asking students "Who is blahblah?" and majority of the time they didn't know. In the end, I pretty much gave them the answers.

Anyway, Grace told me that it sounds like they pretty much taken advantage of me even if they didn't realize that. She is right...I don't know if things will get better. I want to give up on this. Reallyy do.

But, you know me, I will persevere through this... even if I suck. If I can persevere through a run when someone tripped me, I can do this. If I can persevere through rejection of many of the colleges I originally wanted to attend, I can do this.. even if I lack the confidence.


Instead of making another post, I'm going to add on to the session. I feel much better about the session, even though it was horrible. I told Bev about the whole situation and she completely turned around the whole story. She said, "It's not your fault that the session turned out bad. They took advantage of you by making you give them answers and not the other way around. Remember, as a TA, you didn't even have to go over anything. You could just sit there and have students ask you questions. So, what they did was wrong. They should have read the text prior to coming to the session and understood what was being read. What these sessions are for is to let YOU confirm what is confusing to them."

Listening to this motivational speech from the greatest TA in the world, I felt better about myself. Well, I still am traumatized by how the whole thing went..

September 16, 2011

Facilitating a Study Session

Today I got off of my cognitive psychology early and decided to drop by the other TA's study session on Communications History since I might have to facilitate my own session next Tuesday afternoon by myself. Oh my gosh, there was over 20 people in the room! I didn't expect to see that many students attending the study session. Anyway, Beverly did wonderful. She gave terms to the students, telling them what she will cover. Unlike many tutors, she asked the group of students about each of the terms (i.e. John Milton--who is he? Tell me what you guys learned about him.) Essentially, she was helping the students to retrieve the information that Professor Longshaw gave them throughout the last couple weeks.

I fear I cannot do well, compare to her. She was phenomenal! She is so charismatic and she does not have fear of public speaking. Those students who went to the last three sessions will compare the both of us. And, obviously, they would think the Beverly did better just because she's so confident and relaxed. I will be shaky and ahhh! I am so nervous, thinking about facilitating the study session. One of the reasons why I am terrified for next week is because I cannot project my voice. :(

When I dropped by the work place, I told Susan about my fear for next Tuesday. Since she is a psychology professor, she understood my fear, but she wasn't too worried for me. She believed in me. Anyway, she gave me some ideas. She suggested that I do a Jeopardy session with the 20 students that will attend and throw out candy to those who go the answers correct! Sounds fun, right? She wanted me to do something fun since she knew how difficult it is for students to remember.

This is still shocking! I have to facilitate my own study session! I'm going to be the authority amongst a group! Can you believe this?! I can't seem to grasp that this is really going to happen!

September 14, 2011

Never Let Me Go

Over the weekend, I got the chance to watch Never Let Me Go on DVD. The story is about three creatures who grew up in a dystopian-esque lifestyle. That's all I can say because I fear that I would ruin a perfectly wonderful story, if anyone actually wants to read it. I was captivated by the story after I read the book last semester. Then, I found out that there was a film made starring Carey Mulligan (who was phenomenal in An Education, by the way), Keira Knightley (who is great in almost every film that I've seen), and Andrew Garfied (who gave an emotional performance in The Social Network which I remember because I rooted for him over that obnoxious douche).
The trailer made the film looked so intense and amazing. For months, I have been waiting to watch it and finally the library finally had the copy available for me.
The truth is, I was disappointed. I have never seen a movie that is better than the book. The movie, despite my wholehearted wishes, was not as good as the book.
I watched it with Mei and she told me that it was pretty confusing.
But, there was one part of the film that I thoroughly enjoyed--the cinematography. It was absolutely phenomenal, breathtaking, really. I had intentions on making some screen caps of my favorite scenes, but there are too many beautiful scenes.
Here are some of the photos I found online.
Despite my disappointment, I still recommend others to watch it. The performances were phenomenal. I thought Andrew Garfield performed extremely well throughout the film. He gave a tremendously brave performance near the end, using such raw emotions that made me teary-eyed.
Just watch it, I think you will enjoy it.

Reprise by Marcelo Zarvos and Peter Vronsky
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September 13, 2011

Health Problems

Just recently, I decided to reevaluate my lifestyle. In a way, I had a reality check. Anyway, yesterday, I went to the health center to get myself checked out because I was completely terrified of what was going on. Today, I got the chance to see a doctor. She did some lab tests and everything turned out negative. I was extremely relieved with the results, but at the same time, I am scared. What if it is something else? I feel, I'm too young to go through all this. What can it possibly be if it's none of the above? Can this get any worse? Can it? No one can give me the guarantee that I can survive even though I feel so invincible.

Despite the fact that I am really scared of the future (because it can get worse), I'm going to try and live. I know this sounds so cliche, but really. Also, I'm still going to try and study abroad. I just need to send the letters to my professors! I am going to try and maintain a healthier diet. The doctor said that a factor of what I'm going through may be because of my diet--the lack of exercise and carelessly eating certain foods.

Anyway, I feel much better just because I wrote this down but I don't think I'm going to talk about it. It seems rather stupid that I would write about it and not expect questions, but I honestly think I will go through a whole turmoil of emotions if I have to talk about the whole ordeal.

September 11, 2011


Friendship. It is a type of relationship that almost everyone yearns to have. I did not get the chance to call someone my friend until the 4th grade. I remember the first decade of my life was extremely lonely. Honestly, I have no idea why I had so much trouble befriending other people. I guess I was too introverted.

As I got older, I was desperate to keep all my friends. From elementary school through high school years, I tried so hard to keep my friends--even the ones that moved away. Essentially, I thought quantity was more important than quality.

So, I have changed so much from my naïve days. (Well, I am definitely still naïve and less experienced than most people.) I keep very few friends alongside of me now. Of course my Facebook friends list says otherwise (200 meaningless connections) but I say that Facebook friends will be useful one day for networking, so I'm keeping them.

I have about a handful of high school friends that I still keep in contact with. They're the friends that I honestly believe will last for life. The rest are forgotten until I need something from them. As for college, I cannot say that I have connections with more than a handful of people. I do have friends, but I cannot imagine that they will last after college.

The other day, Christine was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reconnect with past friends. I understood how she felt since I missed the past quite a bit. We did feel carefree and alive back then, but I was feeling content with the way things are.

But yesterday, when I saw someone I knew working at that one big store (that everyone thinks is evil), and we chatted for a bit, I realized that I missed her. Well, I didn't just miss her--I missed the people I interacted with in high school. Some people I hated. But, most people I talked to during that time period, I missed.

Goodness, all I want to do is go and say, HEY, how are you to people I know, but, it is too late now. It's too late to try and reconnect to everyone that I did not even bother and talk to after high school. It is my fault. Well, it is not entirely my fault, because they did not even bother to ask how I am. Though, I should really have tried as hard as I did when I was younger.

It's absurd. Just last year, I tried so hard to keep my friendships with the ones I was still close to. Additionally, I had this hope back then which has slowly dissipated. Just look at this tumblr post I wrote over a year ago. I have changed a lot since then.

Long story short... I should have tried harder.

All Kinds of Time by Fountains of Wayne
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September 10, 2011


There has been so much on my mind for the past couple days that I cannot sleep and have been waking up super early. Additionally, it has been awhile since I felt woozy when I woke up. Maybe it is a placebo effect since Christine told me about Eileen's immune system crashing, which result in expensive care about the emergency room.

So, I am really planning on studying abroad. I still do not know where I will go. Both South Korea and France sound like an amazing experience. Anyway, I have to drop by this one Communications professor's office to create a set of classes. This is why I have not asked my professors for recommendation letters. I should not be doing this so late. I have so little time left to ask for them, but I feel if I do not have my eyes set on a country or selected class yet, then I should not email and ask for the letters. Another thing I have to do is see a doctor for a physical. I am way too busy to take time to see a doctor. I have been saying that I will see an eye doctor for the past month and have not even made an appointment. With this in mind, if I can't take the time to see and optometrist, how am I even going to see a regular doctor? ARGH!

As for my classes, I am having trouble catching up. I cannot seem to read the text or write notes or anything. I have to somehow focus again. :/ Maybe when Mei finally goes off to college next week, I will stop worrying about her and focus more on myself. I know I have several exams in the week of the 18th so I have to start reading, writing, understanding.

So, I am kind of disappointed in myself because of everything happening this semester. I have this unwillingness to change myself for the better. Instead of having better study habits or whatnot, I do much worse. I guess a factor of this is that I have been sleeping so little.

I'll end this post here. I feel I spent too much time write nonsensical stuff.

If You Were Here --Cary Brothers (doing cover of Thompson Twins)
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September 3, 2011


I think we all have the unwillingness to change.
We believe that we want change, but when it comes to doing something about it, we get scared.
We feel awkward.
We get a lot of uncomfortable feelings and eventually revert back.
Once again, I'm trying to change.
I don't know how things will turn out.
I can't guarantee that I will change for the better. None of us can guarantee anything about our changes. All we know is that change is the only thing that's constant in our life.

Enough of this stuff. All I wanted to say is that I changed the blog layout a bit.

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Tonight by 南拳媽媽
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September 2, 2011

Hazelnut Spread

So, a couple weeks ago, I found a Homemade Nutella recipe online. It looked simple enough to make so I shared my excitement with Andrew. It was decided that we'd meet up today to make it. I hope they enjoyed the experience. :D Anyway, these are the photos I took from the whole process.
Baked and peeled hazelnuts.
Melted semisweet and milk chocolates.
Crushed hazelnuts using Andrew's super cool Magic Bullet.
Finished product.
Andrew and Calvin doing all the work!

Anyway, we made three different batches of hazelnut spread. They were all good in their different ways. The first one had a good combination of bitter and sweetness. The second one was a little too watery and bland. The third one was nutty good. :)

All in all, it was a pretty successful day. Let me tell you, it was not difficult to make (mostly because everyone else did all the work). It only consisted of 1.5 cups of hazelnuts, 1.5 cups of whole milk, .75 cup of powdered milk, 1 tbsp of mild-flavored honey (we used regular honey and I realized that I forgot to bring the honey back home), a pinch of salt, 1 heaping cup full of semisweet chocolate chips, and 1 scant cup of milk chocolate chips. I hope you enjoy seeing the entire process. :) Also, I hope this experience gives everyone inspiration to make it, too!

September 1, 2011

September 1st

I'm trying to be more outgoing around school so I walked around our college's own version of "Club Rush". Goodness gracious, club dues will kill me if I joined all the appealing clubs.

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