August 28, 2011

Thrift Shopping

I brought my younger sister to school with me to go thrift shopping on Friday. I had class from 8:30am-11:15am. All she had to do was sleep in the library or whatever while I was in class, then we'd go out for lunch. and lastly, we'd go shopping for nice secondhand clothing. Anyway, that's how our day was. We went to two thrift stores and had fantastic finds.

When we came home with bags of clothes, my parents thought I robbed the bank and went shopping. Deciding to be honest (which I shouldn't have), I told them that we went secondhand clothes shopping. My mom was surprised but didn't say much.

While we were doing laundry, my mom had a lot of criticism. For instance, there was this really nice silky button down top. Mom looked at it and said that it didn't look good because it looked flimsy. It's probably because we mostly own cotton items. Another thing she didn't like was this red (!) cashmere sweater. It looked like it was pilling and that's when Mom got pissed. How could you buy such bad quality clothing? ARGH, no explanation there. It looked like it was in really good condition--threads and all, but Mom wants to critisize me.

Overall, the finds that Mei and I found were pretty good. Phenomenal deals --$2-$3 tops! We bought so many items (pity the camera battery has been dead for awhile), it's surprising how little it costs. :)

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