August 29, 2011

I'm wondering...

This semester I am taking 5 courses. In addition, to those classes, I'm working on campus. Lastly, I am TA to a comm history course. I wanted to take 6 classes, but I think I should stop trying to finish everything so fast. It seems like I will be in university for 5 years.

Today, I had an appointment with a prior professor seeking career/major advice. She had a meeting with a grad student as well and invited me along. Basically, we spent some time talking about how psychology and communications were intertwined. The grad student suggested me some courses that I should take, in addition to all the courses I'm taking. For instance, there was this "Intimate Relationships" course I should take. Also, she suggested that I'd take the "Advanced Statistics" class. When she said Advanced Stats, I was like, omigosh, no way. I had such a horrible stats professor (even though I got an A) and didn't want to go through all this again. While my professor was listening, she interrupted saying that I didn't necessarily needed to take Advanced Stats. I could always take Communications Research. It did involve learning math or whatnot, but it probably isn't as scary. I don't know... I feel like I have so much time to decide on my future. Despite the time I fact that I feel like I have so much time, I know that there isn't much time. I have to choose something.

After meeting up with the grad student and my professor, I met up with the professor that I'm being TA for. Additionally, I met up with the other TA. She's so nice! She helped me stand in front of the class and introduced myself (which was terrible for me since I'm super shy). I think everything went all right. Well, I hope everything went all right.

Anyway, there's just so much in my mind right now. I'm wondering about everything--from the class I have be an authority figure, all the way to my undefined future.

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