August 31, 2011

It's Inevitable

I have this tendency to fall for trends easily. I was going to list all the trends I'm interested in right now, but I fear the judgment coming my way! I'd be likee :O ! Anyway, I heard this song yesterday on the radio. If I Had a Gun by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. Despite the fact that Oasis has broken up, I still hear a bit of the tone in there. Anyway, I think this song sound pretty good. Pretty mellow...just the way I like songs. :)

If I Had A Gun by Noel Gallagher
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August 29, 2011

I'm wondering...

This semester I am taking 5 courses. In addition, to those classes, I'm working on campus. Lastly, I am TA to a comm history course. I wanted to take 6 classes, but I think I should stop trying to finish everything so fast. It seems like I will be in university for 5 years.

Today, I had an appointment with a prior professor seeking career/major advice. She had a meeting with a grad student as well and invited me along. Basically, we spent some time talking about how psychology and communications were intertwined. The grad student suggested me some courses that I should take, in addition to all the courses I'm taking. For instance, there was this "Intimate Relationships" course I should take. Also, she suggested that I'd take the "Advanced Statistics" class. When she said Advanced Stats, I was like, omigosh, no way. I had such a horrible stats professor (even though I got an A) and didn't want to go through all this again. While my professor was listening, she interrupted saying that I didn't necessarily needed to take Advanced Stats. I could always take Communications Research. It did involve learning math or whatnot, but it probably isn't as scary. I don't know... I feel like I have so much time to decide on my future. Despite the time I fact that I feel like I have so much time, I know that there isn't much time. I have to choose something.

After meeting up with the grad student and my professor, I met up with the professor that I'm being TA for. Additionally, I met up with the other TA. She's so nice! She helped me stand in front of the class and introduced myself (which was terrible for me since I'm super shy). I think everything went all right. Well, I hope everything went all right.

Anyway, there's just so much in my mind right now. I'm wondering about everything--from the class I have be an authority figure, all the way to my undefined future.

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August 28, 2011

Thrift Shopping

I brought my younger sister to school with me to go thrift shopping on Friday. I had class from 8:30am-11:15am. All she had to do was sleep in the library or whatever while I was in class, then we'd go out for lunch. and lastly, we'd go shopping for nice secondhand clothing. Anyway, that's how our day was. We went to two thrift stores and had fantastic finds.

When we came home with bags of clothes, my parents thought I robbed the bank and went shopping. Deciding to be honest (which I shouldn't have), I told them that we went secondhand clothes shopping. My mom was surprised but didn't say much.

While we were doing laundry, my mom had a lot of criticism. For instance, there was this really nice silky button down top. Mom looked at it and said that it didn't look good because it looked flimsy. It's probably because we mostly own cotton items. Another thing she didn't like was this red (!) cashmere sweater. It looked like it was pilling and that's when Mom got pissed. How could you buy such bad quality clothing? ARGH, no explanation there. It looked like it was in really good condition--threads and all, but Mom wants to critisize me.

Overall, the finds that Mei and I found were pretty good. Phenomenal deals --$2-$3 tops! We bought so many items (pity the camera battery has been dead for awhile), it's surprising how little it costs. :)

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August 26, 2011

What's your theme song?

My comm writing professor told us that instead of just saying "here!" while taking attendance, we should tell the class what our theme song would be when we walked into a room. Almost everyone told the class their favorite song. When she called on me, I looked apologetic and said that I couldn't think of a song. Anyway, I'm pondering upon this. It's not like I don't have a favorite song, it's just how can someone think of a theme song for themselves? Everyone just told their favorite song. I can tell her that my favorite song is Bittersweet Symphony, but I don't think this will be my theme song. It is not the song that will play when I walk into a room. Ahhh... pondering too much.

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August 24, 2011

I am Cute Dresses by Sato Watanabe

I went on Amazon to look up some books on printmaking. I want to attempt to get back into this hobby since I have a whole collection of stamps at home, waiting to print onto something. Browsing around in the "Customer Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section, I saw this book. It's a Japanese craft book in English! Looking at the preview, I can't help but feel inspired. Additionally, I love how simple looking the items in the book look. I don't know how to sew (even though Mom has a sewing machine at home) but it makes me think, it can't be that hard, right? These first couple images are from the here whereas the last two are from A Sewing Journal.

August 22, 2011

First Day of Fall Semester

I'm not use to seeing tons of students on campus. It was extremely hectic. Additionally, I parked all the way from the other side of campus, making me 10 minutes late to work. :/

On the bright side, one of my professors asked me to be their TA!

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August 20, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

The other day I talked to a friend about Stupid Crazy Love. I told her that it was a good movie and it was all right and it wasn't great. Yes, there some slow scenes but they were pretty good. Talking about it, I felt like I was lying so decided to post this.

So, I watched Crazy Stupid Love at opening weekend (07/29-07/31). It was the same weekend that I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Despite the fact that I watched it awhile ago, I can still recall much of it. Anyway, I don't really like romantic comedies much because they're so darn predictable. However, I really liked this one a lot. It didn't only deal with one person's drama--it dealt with relationships that the Weaver family had.

I have so much to say about this film but can't seem to put it into words. THIS is why I will never become an author (I wrote in my fifth grade yearbook for everyone to know that I wanted to become an author) because I don't have a process and can't edit anything.

I thought this film was charming. We got to see three different perspectives of people going through relationships and in the end, BOOM, everything comes together, whether it's chaotic or cheesy.

Truly, I believe this film is one of the best I've seen this year (which doesn't say much because I haven't gone to the movies for a year). Much of the scenes were so cute and hilarious. I swear, I laughed throughout much of the film, even at the wrong parts. Honestly, I can't wait to own this DVD when it comes out (when it's $5 or as a gift). I'm sorry I said that it was okay and wasn't the greatest romantic comedies I've seen. I didn't want to hype it. It's too late, because I just hyped it up.

August 19, 2011

College Apps.

I checked my college transfer apps today (finally!). I thought I'd be sad when I saw the rejections, but I'm okay.

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August 17, 2011

Snippets of life

Golden Gate Bridge.

Lately, it feels like my life has been dragged down. I had the same routine--eat, sleep, read--everyday, even at work days. Honestly, I need a change and I have been feeling depressed thinking that I will follow the same routine for the rest of the life.

Yesterday, I came back from an adventure with Christine and Jonathan, feeling a renewal of faith in myself. Speaking of this, I should mention what we did. Actually, I should write about my whole summer in an ascending order. We went to IHOP for breakfast, even though Christine and I already ate breakfast, where Christine and I shared an order of the "International Crepe Passport" which consists two sausages, two slices of bacon, scrambled eggs and two Nutella crepes. It was pretty good. After brunch, we went off to the Arboretum. We all went hunting for peacocks as a game. I assumed that they wouldn't show up at all. However, we saw more than 20 peacocks. Unfortunately, we didn't see any of the males open their tail. It was quite a disappointment. Basically, we walked around the entire arboretum looking at plants and attempting to find peacocks. At one point, we encountered the small man-made waterfall. After take the expected group photo together, we took the stairs to walk uphill. It was fairly peaceful above the waterfall. Additionally, there was this amazing, huge tree. I'm sure it didn't look particularly unique, but I really liked it. I didn't take a photo of the tree because I know photos can't define how amazing it looked. Eventually, we attempted to walk downhill. Trying to find our way back, we approached a bunch of peacock feathers. Close to those feathers was BONES. It took awhile for us to realize that it's likely that it was peacock bones! We could see the rib bones. Completely terrified that we witnessed this sight, we continued on our trail to leave this place until we realized that that the dirt path we were following ended. The only way we could reach civilization was up. Running up was completely scary; I saw spiderwebs and almost fell and the hill was filled with leaves everywhere. Oh gosh, I had enough adrenaline for the day and wanted to leave. We eventually found our way back to the waterfall and kept walking to find restrooms/exit. After that, our adventure day was complete.

Dropping Jonathan home, Christine and I went out to quench our thirst with frozen yogurt and gossip (because that's what all ladies do when they get, right?). It was fun. We talked about random stuff. I miss doing this stuff. Just sitting there and talking. However, I guess the bad part about all this is that we usually don't like talking about ourselves. It's always easier to talk about others.

Honestly, the past is much harder to remember than I thought. Hmm... I haven't hung out with the college friends recently. I hung out the high school friends more. So, early August, Andrew and Christine's UCLA friends came by! Ahh, it sounds like a spontaneous visit based on my words! I saw--Andrew, Andy, Candace, Christine, Danny, Eileen, James. Additionally, Christine's sisters were there! Anyway, what we did that day was walk around the asian supermarket and then went out to eat at a Taiwanese fast food place, visit the pet store and go to Christine's house to play games. My memory is so bad. :/

In the end of July, Calvin and I came to UCLA for two days one night. He had errands to run whereas I decided to seize the opportunity to ditch my dentist appointment. I met Calvin's friend Nick (and his family). They went to sign contracts and other stuff. The rest of the day was a blur. I saw Andrew, Christine, Danny (in that order; I didn't even need to go alphabetically)! Then went to apartment and played Grow Cube and helped make hummus (delicious, by the way) and ate dinner (which was good but I was so thirsty and drank two water bottles afterwards because I don't each much salty foods at home) and watched X-Files (which was scary) and had popsicles. The next day I sat in the apartment by myself, going through tumblr, pinterest, and etsy. Later that day, we made cookies and, I realized how dependent I am on everyone. Then we went home, except for Calvin who needed to stay for an extra day.

Mid-July, the family and I went for our 1st annual trip to San Francisco and Davis. The little one had to to for orientation so the rest of us hung around SF. It was rather dull after awhile. I guess it's only fun when we do touristy things. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge in daylight! It was just as beautiful as the dusk light. Additionally, I went to visit Veronica in Berkeley again! Isn't it absurd that I've been there three times already? :) I spent the evening sitting around Moe's reading books. Back at Roni's apartment, I sat around writing in my journal until her roommate came back, as well as Veronica. After midnight, we had birthday cake. Later, Veronica, Julian and I played Cocktailopoly. It was fun--until I lost. Haha, just kidding. It was fun. I left early the next morning and headed back to SF. We drove back to Davis to pick the little one up and head home. When I got home, I realized how much I missed being home. I don't like family vacations that much in the first place, because I feel so uncomfortable most of the time. Ahh, I'm just picky.

May & June I had two birthday parties to attend for the college friends. I always feel weird in them because there's always people that I don't know. Also, I was around my time of the month for both of the events. :/

Additionally, I think around late June (or early July), Christine's sister had a graduation party? I forgot when. It wasn't memorable? It was pretty memorable! I remember playing basketball (even though I sucked) and water pong and using the internet (because my internet at home didn't work).

So, this is how my summer was. I barely went out with friends. I did go out a lot with family (running errands). Also, I went to the local library a lot. I read a lot of books. I missed hanging out with people--just sitting around doing nothing and listening. So, it's been pretty unproductive. All this sitting helped gain unnecessary weight.

I guess I'm updating my blog for once because the next semester is starting next week. With this in mind, it means that summer is basically over for me.

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