July 8, 2011

Nostalgia, much?

Sometimes, like today, I feel so old. I'm feeling nostalgic and reminiscing high school. It hasn't been more than 2 years, but it feels so long already. In addition to feeling nostalgic towards Harry Potter yesterday, I had dreams of high school for the past two days. They were dreams of the people I worked with backstage. I don't even know why I've been dreaming of them. Maybe it's the guilt for not hanging out with them anymore.

The photo above is from one of the last high school hangouts I had with Cindy, Edwin, Gisela, Jenny, and Kenny. I was waiting for Mommy to pick me up and they all wanted to do one last backstage thing together before senior checkout. So, they decided to go to In N Out for a 4x4 cheeseburger. It looked disgusting, but they were happy with their orders. So, I just sat around freeloading off their fries while they ate and talked about lame stuff. It was one of the nicest times I can recall...

And there was this one time when I didn't bring any food while working. All I had were crackers and an apple. I sat in front of the lobby with Erick watching the front of the auditorium. I felt bad for ditching the others to work on the Luau. I just couldn't stand the tension I had with the supervisors. Anyway, I came back and sat in front of the lobby with Erick. We were talking about stuff. He talked about his prior injuries on skateboard or bicycles or whatnot. They sounded dangerous. Then Austin comes by. I saw him across the street at In N Out walking back to us. He bought himself dinner--a cheeseburger. He sat around with Erick and me. We talked. Then he gave me his fries when Erick was away for awhile. He didn't want Erick to be jealous because he didn't buy him food. He said he knew I didn't have dinner so bought me that. I was touched. I felt horrible, too because I'm so picky. I don't go out to eat often because I consider a lot when it comes to food...

Anyway, those were some of the good times we all had that dealt with In N Out. I truly do not think we'd all hang out again. The 'backstage crew'. Hah... and to think I use to kind of hate going to class/work. Now, I'm reminiscing over it.


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