July 6, 2011

Heat is Overbearing

I just saw all my summer grades today. I'm pretty excited. I got an A+ in Media History and an A- in Sociology. I'm glad that I did fairly well, especially in sociology. I remember during my midterm, I had one of the worse cramps I ever had. As a result, I basically guessed on the entire exam, getting a C- in the end. On my final, I didn't do as bad. I managed to score a 92.5%, creating the curve for the class. I expected others to do better since it was open notes, but I don't know.

Enough about my grades, July is here! I am pretty excited. I will be going on a partial family road trip for my sister's college orientation. I'm still in the process of planning the itinerary. We'll definitely drop by San Francisco. Daddy wants to see Golden Gate Bridge. I'm kind of excited to see it during the daytime! :)

Anyway, I'm sweating a lot. One of the disadvantages of living in Southern California is the heat! I'm not complaining that much yet! :D


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