June 14, 2011

I heard the cutest story today

My friend and I were eating a late lunch and talking about our past crushes. She told me her story about a guy she had a crush on at that time. Here goes:

There's this guy that she saw frequently walking around campus that she thought was pretty cute, but never got the chance to talk to. One semester, she had to move down to San Diego to help out with her sister's family, so she took the semester off. While she was working at her retail job, she saw him in line. She recognized him immediately. Freaking out, she hoped that she wouldn't have to help him check out because she recognized him as her kinda crush. As fate would have it, she had to serve him. She greeted him and his mother and chatted with them while desensitizing their items. Standing in front of her with his mother, he said, "You look familiar." She said, "Oh, it must be because I'm Samoan. Everyone thinks I look familiar!" He goes, "NO! I recognize you!" She continues changing the subject until he said, "(name goes here)!" She goes, "Oh, you're reading my name tag!" Then he does, "NO! I've seen you somewhere! You go to (the school I go to)!" She says, "Yeah, I do go there." Anyway, the conversation goes nowhere because he starts asking where he's seen her. Finally, he remembers he saw her at an inter-club meeting, which had representatives of each club participating. He asked a lot of questions, like what she was doing in San Diego and what classes she was taking that semester. Finally, he asks, "When do you have a break?" Want to go eat and catch up with me?" She goes, "Sorry, I just had a break right now." He goes, "Um, how about after that? Do you have another break? When do you get off? Maybe tomorrow?" Basically at this time, people were looking at them, his mom (looking surprised) and my friend's brother (who was working right next to friend) were looking at her expectantly. Finally, she said that's she was free tomorrow after break. By the time she accepted, her cheeks were on fire! Anyway, they went out to eat and catch up the next day. Nothing happened. To this day, they are still friends. The end.

Okay, so not the most epic story. But when I heard it, I thought it it was the cutest story because it's sounded like fate was pulling the strings. Despite not going to school and seeing him again, fate somehow brought them together in a retail store. Though, the bad part is that they did not get together. But then again, she is young--she doesn't need to be tied down. :)


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