June 5, 2011

A Day in... the Flea Market

Today Veronica and I went to the PCC Flea Market. Flea markets are the best places to spend money. For those that never been there, there are a lot of vendors there. In the outdoor parking lots, there were vendors. Inside the parking structure, there are even more vendors. It's actually pretty overwhelming, trying to absorb everything. I typically search for postcards and cigar boxes whenever I'm at the flea market. This time, however, I looked at the DVDs. There were a lot of DVDs that I wanted to buy. I ended up buying Little Miss Sunshine and Forrest Gump (sorry for not mentioning this to you, Veronica--I kind of wanted my cigar box to get more attention.). In addition to the DVDs, I got a cigar box for $2 at this vendor who I once bought a skirt and dress for $2 each. :) Obviously she didn't recognize me, but I did recall purchasing those items from almost a year ago. I tried my best to document everything. However, I felt like faux-hipster when I took photos. These were some of the photos I took.
The first thing that I did was look at the outdoor vendors since I expected to feel the heat as the day went on. One of the first vendors I saw was this sunglasses stand. Look at these sunglasses. Each one of them are unique. It makes me wish I have a lot sunglasses.
This vendor sells much of their items on this table for $1. I don't usually see things I like. I bought a t-shirt from them once. There are mostly scarves and men's shirts or pants in the table. I'm sure there are other treasures at this table. I'm just too impatient to look through everything..
I enjoy reading old postcards. I feel sentimental reading postcards--seeing what people write in their postcards. I seriously can't seem to grasp the idea that these are real people who wrote in them. Also, there's all this history behind their words...
I liked the little quote in this postcard, "Whenever you need a guard, just call on me." I find it so absurd how sayings can live forever. It makes me feel slightly melancholic because I won't be able to live forever and see all this happening.
I didn't get the chance to look at clothes in the flea market this time around. I spent quite a bit of money the last time I was there. I did see loads of nice clothes but I was afraid of spending a lot of money again. :(
There were a lot of vendors that had signs prohibiting photography. I didn't know if this vendor was the same, so I snapped a quick shot of this vendor. It's a blurry photo, but I feel that this kind of shows how most how some vendors prepare their areas.


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