May 4, 2011

Star Wars

Today is such a beautiful day. Star Wars Day. May 4th. May the fourth be with you. :D It was expected that I would most definitely post on May the 4th just because Star Wars is epic. Anyway, if Lord of the Rings had a day, I would make a post on it. :)

I find it so odd how I think so highly of films back when I was younger. When I watched romantic comedies, I couldn't help but like majority of them. As I get older, however, I started to notice a lot of plot holes. Like, how can she fall in love with him in an instant? I understand if they were friends... but if they were friends for 8 years and they finally realized they like each other, how? Oh, I'm such an annoying person--a movie talker. Oh, another thing, movies have to be relatively realistic. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy watching fantasy and science fiction stuff, but do we really have to see her with a bra and panties and him take off his shirt? How is taking off that shirt necessary?

As I get older, I can't help but ponder more in the past. I can't help but agree that many films back in the day are better than they are today. There are so many great filmmakers today, yet we see the same plots everywhere. Where is all the originality?

Getting off this tangent, Star Wars is a pretty good series. I definitely need to read the series one day. I hope something exciting happens just because it is Star Wars Day. :D

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