May 2, 2011

Native American Powwow

It was a windy day. I didn't see anything like the photo above. I like the photo though. :) Despite the windiness, there was a decent turn out. The security guy, Nigel, told us that there was a massive turnout years ago. I thought the 80+ people we saw around the engineering lawn was pretty big. It took awhile to sell raffle tickets and plates for the cake walk.

I'm glad people actually came to the Native American Powwow, because it wasn't marketed that well. I spoke with a lot of people that were interested in learning about different cultures. This is definitely a good thing. In a world where everyone seems indifferent made me feel disillusioned about society. However, yesterday, I feel a little different about the world since there are people left in our society that are making an effort to learn about things in different perspective.

I saw a lot of Native American dancers performing. They looked passionate. The singers had a lot of endurance since they all had to sing for 20+ minutes at each performance. What they got from me yesterday was respect. They definitely deserved it.


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