May 18, 2011


It is FINALS week and I'm dying. I spent the weekend plus Monday and Tuesday trying to study. I studied a lot for my psychology class, relatively little on anthropology, and barely touched communications. Seriously, I can potentially fail if I study so little. Maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe my idea of studying a lot is different from everyone else. In addition to studying, I kept distracting myself with a book. I'm not kidding, but I read four books during the last four days. Two memoirs. Two adult fiction books. Not good. It's just, I stress a lot while studying and need to find a distraction. So, this is how I studied. I hand write notes on what I read on textbooks to remember everything. After the textbook, I'd read a couple chapters of the interesting memoirs or adult fiction.

Recently, I got caught in the web of the trend of reading memoirs. Well, I'm pretty late into the trend so I'm not particularly sure if people still read memoirs anymore. Anyway, over the weekend, I read Ben Ryder Howe's My Korean Deli: Risking It All for a Convenience Store. It was a phenomenal story of a family who owned a deli. There were little anecdotes and quirky stories of working there. It seemed simple, but it was rather difficult. Despite the difficulties of owning a deli, Howe and his family managed to survived. If you're like me (and you're not), you would definitely laugh and cry throughout the whole story. I hope someone borrows (don't buy) and reads it or add it to their huge pile of books to read. I have a massive list of books I should read and it's not going down, yet. I think I hyped it the book up a little. Just like how I hyped up A Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. Such a great memoir. By the way, I have the 2nd of 3rd edition of it. I aim to somehow obtain the 1st edition just because he edited some stuff out in the edition I have. :(

Anyway, I think I like reading memoirs a lot because they are realistic and I like the happy endings. I sound super naive. Okay, memoirs are not really happy per se. There are struggles that the author goes through to eventually feel okay. Despite the shitty situations they may be in the end, they're okay. Somehow they find themselves feeling content in the end. Just, you don't read memoirs about people suffering and in the end, they realize their own life's existence is to suffer. Not possible. But, if there are memoirs with horrible endings, let me know. Reading memoirs make me feel this sense of hope that despite all these failures that I have in life, it's okay; I can change it.

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