May 10, 2011


My dad is out of work again. He quit this time. Well, not surprising since he's getting old and feels the need to be respected. Anyway, this time, he quit because he heard his boss talking trash about him. When my dad heard that his boss talked trash about him, he said (in Chinese) that he felt like he was being stabbed in the back with a knife. When I heard this, I felt like crying. My dad, feeling like this and I can't do anything about it!? Because I'm his daughter, I'm bias about this but why his boss would critisize him. Dad is like the best employee in the world. He goes to work like half an hour early (what kind of a chef would go to work that early?). He does much of the hard work in his job despite being head chef. Working in the restaurant business for the last twenty years, he didn't lose his longest job until around the downfall of the economy. Despite the fact that my dad lost his job, he didn't lose his contacts. He networked a lot with the people around him so he managed to find several jobs. However, working hard in his fifties is brutal for him. He has to start in the bottom. He always met people who hated him (because my dad comes off as confident and is pretty experienced). He had other employees talk about him. But, my dad didn't care about what people said, as long as the boss trusted him. Apparently not in this job. For some reason the boss believed the "second" chef. How could his boss believe in all the bad things that guy said whereas actions prove otherwise? My dad told us that in this job, he did all the cooking whereas the other guy does not even cook, does not know how to fry food (crucial in the Chinese fast food industry), and complains a lot.

Anyhow, his latest project around the house is to remodel our home. Our exhaust fan or range hood thing broke down this past week. He wants to replace it, but thought it will be nice to redo the kitchen floor (for an additional $6000) and restroom and the windows. I guess Daddy just wants to feel busy. He wants to feel appreciated. He wants to help. Feeling old-ish, I don't really ask my parent's for help much. Just, whenever I pretend to ask for help, they really think I am dependent on them.

I understand how he feels about everything so far. I understand that he feels betrayed by his boss. I understand that he wants to fix something. I understand. I just want him to know that I understand but I can't because we don't have that kind of relationship. We aren't close. We just talk about the surface. This sounds terrible, but that's how we are. We're content.


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