April 6, 2011


I haven't been updating much because I feel I haven't been productive. Anyhow, Spring Break was not as exciting as many people. I worked 8 hour shifts for 3 days. I went to an amazing Women's Conference on Saturday with Kristen Bell as Keynote speaker! She was an amazing speaker. I have so much to say about it. I think I will write more about it in another post. After witnessing Kristen Bell, I decided to go to this store called Savers up in Anaheim. I read about it in one of the many blogs I read. It truly was amazing. I bought five items for about $22 bucks. I felt like I saved a lot of money. :D

This week has not been so great. I found out that I got a 85% on my anthropology exam. I got a 92% on my sociology exam. I got a 91% on my communications essay. I went through massive traffic today making me late for my psychology quiz. I had a minute to answer all the questions and guessed all D's. That is so stupid. Statistically most of the answers would be B's or C's yet I stupidly did that. Later, I ditched my friend because I was too lazy to hang out with her. Like I don't have enough friends to lose...

I have no right to bring myself down. No more calling myself stupid. I get a fresh start next week after I finish that essay and catch up on everything. :)


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