April 29, 2011


When did I want a ukulele? I honestly cannot recall. It was sometime my freshmen year of college when I wanted one. I probably wanted one because of all the exposure of it. It's quite overwhelming how many people own and play it. I never even heard of that instrument until college (yes, I must live under a rock!). I thought it would be significantly easier than playing the guitar (which I learned when I was in middle school but forgotten absolutely everything). Also, it looks compact, small enough for travel and affordable, compared to a huge guitar.

Today, one of my co-workers brought her ukulele to work. She played me a song and made me want a ukulele even more. :) She's amazing. I really enjoyed her performance. I think her family consists of musicians or something, so she learned how to play.

Anyway, I think I might get take a chance next year and learn how to play an instrument. Or, just go find my recorder and play songs. I just worry about the recorder, though, because I haven't touched it since I was in seventh grade. Think it might be nasty or moldy or something...


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