April 28, 2011

Roman Holiday

I am not a social person. I rarely go out with friends since everyone is so busy. During school, I tend to keep to myself. I won't chat with anyone because they all seem pretty mean. Or, maybe I am really judgmental and unable to come out of my comfort zone. People probably perceive me as a cold person. I am unintentionally rude. :( All in all, I'm somewhat an anti-social person.

With this in mind, I watch a lot of films. Well, I don't watch a lot. I watch about 1-2 films a month, so that's not a lot. I don't pay for them at all. They are all checked out at the library because I don't mind waiting for a movie to come out later. I don't anticipate much movies, anyway. :(

I've been really into old films, lately. I watched several films with Audrey Hepburn over the past couple of months as well as an Ann-Margret one. They were pretty interesting. Despite how interesting the films are, I can't help but feel that they lack plot most of the time. I can't call them my all-time favorites. All I can say is that they make me feel happy inside by the very end.

I thought about this film very recently because of Gregory Peck. He is a dashing guy. :) Apparently this past weekend, I got the chance of meeting his song at a work event. At that time, I forgotten who Gregory Peck was. I remembered his name, though. When I saw an old movie poster of Roman Holiday on my desk, I remembered everything. :)

I enjoyed watching Roman Holiday. It wasn't the greatest movie I seen but good. I got to see Rome in their lovely journey. Maybe, I will get the chance to go there one day. I've been told that Italy is a beautiful country. I watched it over a month ago with my parents. Despite the language barrier, my parents enjoyed the movie very much. They liked watching the performance in black and white. I bet it reminded them of childhood.

The film is about a princess who goes on a grand adventure around Rome with a news writer and a photographer. What did they do all day? What can go wrong with all that? What happens at the very end? Well, that's for me to know and you to find out!

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