April 19, 2011

Remember When Photography Was Fun?

It is fun to take photographs when you aren't serious about it. Calvin and I took a summer school course on photography back in the summer of 2008. I was walking down the hallway of the main building when a flyer for photography and video productions caught my eye. I grabbed the flyer (yes, I was one of those people who takes flyers off the wall so other people can't get an equal opportunity) and went inside of yearbook productions telling all my friends to take the course with me. For some reason, everyone wasn't able to take the class except for Calvin and me. Nevertheless, it was a fun summer. We got to take photos and film each other doing stupid things. Also, this sounds lame, but we got to experience an earthquake together! What are the chances that I would experience an earthquake with a friend? Haha, I thought he was shaking his legs.

These are some of the photos we took that summer. Well, these are some of the photos I took except for the photo of the water fountain. I can't find the CD with all the photos, but I made a powerpoint for liberal studies last year with these photos so I managed to recover these 8 photos. It shows how taking good photos take a little more effort than we think. People claim that taking photos are easy, but not really.

I really miss using a dslr. Our point and shoot camera has really basic functions. I want to be able to manipulate some things, though. I wish we did not buy a point and shoot with very few manual functions. If I searched a little longer two years ago, I'm sure that I would have gotten a decent point and shoot camera with good manual functions.

I am hoping I will acquire a dslr this summer. Actually, I hope to get a film slr. I'm am planning on going to the camera bargain show in June. Maybe I will purchase something. If not, it will be an experience to see so many enthusiasts in one place.

I'm definitely not a good photographer


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