April 17, 2011

Newport Beach

I went to Newport Beach with Laura (lab partner) yesterday for our psychology observation. Boy was it awkward to watch people. We both pretty much suck at observing (mostly me) but was an awesome day. I got to see dolphins for the first time (look at the photo with the black blob). I got to see Corona Del Mar beach across from the Balboa Peninsula. I saw a lot of boats,kayaks, yachts, jet skis, and people para sailing to last a lifetime. Also there are a lot of good looking people at the beach. Through our observations, we realized that through the female-male ratio, there was significantly more males that go to the beach. I thought otherwise, but maybe one of the confounding factors deals with the fact that we were by the Wedge which is where a lot of males go to surf. Anyway, I believe I got slightly sunburned at the end of four hours.

Anyway, it nice to bond with Laura. We are relatively similar but we also have a lot of differences. We are both psych majors, enjoy reading books, don't like steak and that's about it. I find it so absurd to find a lot of differences between the both of us. Mostly, I noticed that she's rich. She grew up in a content life with money. Even though her family has money, she does not flaunt it. I mean, I guess it took awhile before she told me that her mom is a doctor, her dad is an engineer, shenanigans. Anyhow, there are other differences between the both of us, but I won't state them.

I'm glad we are lab partners. I like her because she seems really genuine. It is kind of hard to find someone around here that has money and genuine. Also, she was nice enough to drive to my house from Anaheim (she lives really close to Disneyland--walking distance!) and then to Newport Beach. After that she drove me home. I was going to drive to her house, but said she'll drive me. Nice right? :D


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