April 30, 2011

A Day In...Forever 21

I went to Forever 21 today and noticed a lot of trends. I saw a lot of lace.
Some of the lacy dresses were cute, but I look like such a child when I tried them on.
This nautical dress looked cute. :)
There was a lot of patterned dresses as well as plain dresses.
I was glad to see some polka dots back in style. :) It's been quite awhile.
This blue dress looked so feminine and girly. I wanted to try it on, but I know I would not look good in it. Also, I had no occasion to try on clothes.
Sheer tunics look so fragile.
Lace, lace, lace everywhere!
Tunics that I can't pull off since they always seem to look oversized on me.
When you walk right into Forever 21, the first thing everyone would see all these lacy items.
Even little girls had feminine items. I wonder when this trend would end, even though I did enjoy seeing them last year.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my day. :)


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