April 30, 2011

A Day In...Forever 21

I went to Forever 21 today and noticed a lot of trends. I saw a lot of lace.
Some of the lacy dresses were cute, but I look like such a child when I tried them on.
This nautical dress looked cute. :)
There was a lot of patterned dresses as well as plain dresses.
I was glad to see some polka dots back in style. :) It's been quite awhile.
This blue dress looked so feminine and girly. I wanted to try it on, but I know I would not look good in it. Also, I had no occasion to try on clothes.
Sheer tunics look so fragile.
Lace, lace, lace everywhere!
Tunics that I can't pull off since they always seem to look oversized on me.
When you walk right into Forever 21, the first thing everyone would see all these lacy items.
Even little girls had feminine items. I wonder when this trend would end, even though I did enjoy seeing them last year.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my day. :)

April 29, 2011


When did I want a ukulele? I honestly cannot recall. It was sometime my freshmen year of college when I wanted one. I probably wanted one because of all the exposure of it. It's quite overwhelming how many people own and play it. I never even heard of that instrument until college (yes, I must live under a rock!). I thought it would be significantly easier than playing the guitar (which I learned when I was in middle school but forgotten absolutely everything). Also, it looks compact, small enough for travel and affordable, compared to a huge guitar.

Today, one of my co-workers brought her ukulele to work. She played me a song and made me want a ukulele even more. :) She's amazing. I really enjoyed her performance. I think her family consists of musicians or something, so she learned how to play.

Anyway, I think I might get take a chance next year and learn how to play an instrument. Or, just go find my recorder and play songs. I just worry about the recorder, though, because I haven't touched it since I was in seventh grade. Think it might be nasty or moldy or something...

April 28, 2011

Roman Holiday

I am not a social person. I rarely go out with friends since everyone is so busy. During school, I tend to keep to myself. I won't chat with anyone because they all seem pretty mean. Or, maybe I am really judgmental and unable to come out of my comfort zone. People probably perceive me as a cold person. I am unintentionally rude. :( All in all, I'm somewhat an anti-social person.

With this in mind, I watch a lot of films. Well, I don't watch a lot. I watch about 1-2 films a month, so that's not a lot. I don't pay for them at all. They are all checked out at the library because I don't mind waiting for a movie to come out later. I don't anticipate much movies, anyway. :(

I've been really into old films, lately. I watched several films with Audrey Hepburn over the past couple of months as well as an Ann-Margret one. They were pretty interesting. Despite how interesting the films are, I can't help but feel that they lack plot most of the time. I can't call them my all-time favorites. All I can say is that they make me feel happy inside by the very end.

I thought about this film very recently because of Gregory Peck. He is a dashing guy. :) Apparently this past weekend, I got the chance of meeting his song at a work event. At that time, I forgotten who Gregory Peck was. I remembered his name, though. When I saw an old movie poster of Roman Holiday on my desk, I remembered everything. :)

I enjoyed watching Roman Holiday. It wasn't the greatest movie I seen but good. I got to see Rome in their lovely journey. Maybe, I will get the chance to go there one day. I've been told that Italy is a beautiful country. I watched it over a month ago with my parents. Despite the language barrier, my parents enjoyed the movie very much. They liked watching the performance in black and white. I bet it reminded them of childhood.

The film is about a princess who goes on a grand adventure around Rome with a news writer and a photographer. What did they do all day? What can go wrong with all that? What happens at the very end? Well, that's for me to know and you to find out!

Photo can be found here.

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Recently, I watched the documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate. It was about human trafficking in Africa. Human trafficking exists in the United States as well as internationally. This documentary focused on the kidnapped children around Africa who were tricked/forced to work (for little or no wages) in the Ivory Coast (where majority of the world's cocoa beans are grown). When the narrator asked the corporate of many chocolate companies whether human trafficking still existed in Africa, many rejected the idea that it existed. Of course they'd say that. In 2001, the presidents of all major chocolate companies signed an agreement to not have child labor by 2008. Many people in Africa, however, are aware that human trafficking does exist. Unfortunately, they can't do much about it except try to stop children from getting tricked/kidnapped from human traffickers. This documentary strives to let the world be aware that human trafficking still exists for many reasons. In the case of this, it's for chocolate. The film showed us children as young as 10 cutting cocoa beans out of cocoa trees despite the fact that it is illegal to have child labor.

I feel so disillusioned of the world and completely overwhelmed with emotions. How can people be so inhumane and use children so that they can profit? I know I learned about this in my history course, but it has been awhile since I watched' thought-provoking documentaries. I feel so helpless. What can I do? I strive to buy some of my foods that's fair-trade and sustainable. But, what are those words now? Are they just marketing techniques that interest people into buying the same quality foods, but at a more expensive price? I honestly don't know. I don't know if I can even eat chocolate anymore. Actually, I know I will eat chocolate, but the thought of children being trafficked for the sake of that candy bar will forever linger in my mind. I don't know if I will speak up about it, but I like to say I will. Corporations aren't good. Everything has a dark side. I don't know where will I go in this world with so much empathy...

April 27, 2011

In a rut

I hate to admit this but, this blog is not working out. I'm not giving up though! I've been trying to blog about something new for the past week. Either there's something wrong with the world or there is something wrong with me. I choose the latter because I tend to be really fickle. I am definitely not in the mood to do anything anymore, except rant a lot. I'm going to try something new tomorrow. Stay tuned!

April 21, 2011

Inspired by the Future

I officially declared myself a Psychology major this Monday since I'm almost done with my GEs. When I went to get psychology academic advising on Wednesday, the graduate student told me something I didn't know. Apparently, I had to take about 28 units of electives in addition to the 41 units in my field. Basically, he was telling me that I CAN MINOR and finish in 4 years. I can do something else in life. I can definitely fail in psychology if I like (but I don't intend to). I don't have to go to graduate school. I won't have to take the GRE if I decide I hate psychology at the very end. I can have a fresh start with something else. Recently, I noticed that I'm going towards Communications again. It is a really attractive and fast-paced field. I started to consider switching fields, but decided that I was a little to in my studies to run away again. Later, I considered double majoring, but I don't know if I really want to stay an extra year at school. Anyway, I think I will major in psych and minor in something else. Communications is calling to me, but I don't know what I will emphasize communications in--advertising, journalism, public relations? Maybe I will do something like business OR sociology OR history? I don't know...

AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so excited! Really. I know that people do not care for minors, but I feel so free! I can't seem to place my excitement on text. All I have to say is that I feel so content (despite that term paper due in the super near future) yet so worried because I have to figure out what I want pretty soon. :)

April 20, 2011


I remember the first time I hiked with friends at Eaton Canyon. I was so excited. I am pretty sure I sounded terrified to everyone. Keeping up with my attitude, I was probably really rude. Anyway, finally reaching the waterfall, I accidentally stepped into the water. As scared as I was (because I couldn't swim), I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming amount of euphoria. I kind of wish I could feel that feeling again. I want to feel excited and believe that everything is worth it.

This photo was taken by Mei from her hiking trip down Santa Anita. I am completely jealous of her for hiking there. It sounds amazing despite the knee high river/lake/path they had to go through.

April 19, 2011

Remember When Photography Was Fun?

It is fun to take photographs when you aren't serious about it. Calvin and I took a summer school course on photography back in the summer of 2008. I was walking down the hallway of the main building when a flyer for photography and video productions caught my eye. I grabbed the flyer (yes, I was one of those people who takes flyers off the wall so other people can't get an equal opportunity) and went inside of yearbook productions telling all my friends to take the course with me. For some reason, everyone wasn't able to take the class except for Calvin and me. Nevertheless, it was a fun summer. We got to take photos and film each other doing stupid things. Also, this sounds lame, but we got to experience an earthquake together! What are the chances that I would experience an earthquake with a friend? Haha, I thought he was shaking his legs.

These are some of the photos we took that summer. Well, these are some of the photos I took except for the photo of the water fountain. I can't find the CD with all the photos, but I made a powerpoint for liberal studies last year with these photos so I managed to recover these 8 photos. It shows how taking good photos take a little more effort than we think. People claim that taking photos are easy, but not really.

I really miss using a dslr. Our point and shoot camera has really basic functions. I want to be able to manipulate some things, though. I wish we did not buy a point and shoot with very few manual functions. If I searched a little longer two years ago, I'm sure that I would have gotten a decent point and shoot camera with good manual functions.

I am hoping I will acquire a dslr this summer. Actually, I hope to get a film slr. I'm am planning on going to the camera bargain show in June. Maybe I will purchase something. If not, it will be an experience to see so many enthusiasts in one place.

I'm definitely not a good photographer

April 18, 2011

This is quite a hat.

I've never tried such a colorful hat. I will definitely keep that in mind when I go out next time. Source.


Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these ukuleles? Go ahead. Give it a glance here.

April 17, 2011

French Macarons

Hmm.. Don't these look delectable? They are actually soap! :)

Newport Beach

I went to Newport Beach with Laura (lab partner) yesterday for our psychology observation. Boy was it awkward to watch people. We both pretty much suck at observing (mostly me) but was an awesome day. I got to see dolphins for the first time (look at the photo with the black blob). I got to see Corona Del Mar beach across from the Balboa Peninsula. I saw a lot of boats,kayaks, yachts, jet skis, and people para sailing to last a lifetime. Also there are a lot of good looking people at the beach. Through our observations, we realized that through the female-male ratio, there was significantly more males that go to the beach. I thought otherwise, but maybe one of the confounding factors deals with the fact that we were by the Wedge which is where a lot of males go to surf. Anyway, I believe I got slightly sunburned at the end of four hours.

Anyway, it nice to bond with Laura. We are relatively similar but we also have a lot of differences. We are both psych majors, enjoy reading books, don't like steak and that's about it. I find it so absurd to find a lot of differences between the both of us. Mostly, I noticed that she's rich. She grew up in a content life with money. Even though her family has money, she does not flaunt it. I mean, I guess it took awhile before she told me that her mom is a doctor, her dad is an engineer, shenanigans. Anyhow, there are other differences between the both of us, but I won't state them.

I'm glad we are lab partners. I like her because she seems really genuine. It is kind of hard to find someone around here that has money and genuine. Also, she was nice enough to drive to my house from Anaheim (she lives really close to Disneyland--walking distance!) and then to Newport Beach. After that she drove me home. I was going to drive to her house, but said she'll drive me. Nice right? :D

April 14, 2011

Black, White and Grey

What are the shades of grey within black and white? I feel like there is so much I don't know. I feel like everyone reasons all the time. Just tell people the truth and maybe, just maybe, things will be better.

April 9, 2011


No matter how alone I feel, I can always feel comfort in paper. I remember seeing a tutorial on papermaking when I was a senior in high school. We went FCC for a silkscreening workshop. There were loads of booths there and one of the people made paper. Everyone wanted their name letterpressed on a piece paper while I looked at the papermaker for awhile. In the end, however, I went to the letterpress guy, trying to get my name letterpressed. In the end, I didn't get anything. Anyway, at pinterest, I saw this tutorial on papermaking. It made me feel really regretful. I bought this silkscreening kit at Urban Outfitters for $20 a couple months ago. Thinking it was too cheaply made, I returned it. I should not have done that. I did not have to silkscreen with it. I could have used the screen to make paper. I was at Blick's Art Materials the other day. I was going to buy a screen and maybe renew my screenprinting hobby but the materials were so expensive that I reconsidered. I am feeling regretful, but I'm okay. :)

April 7, 2011

There are no guarantees in life.

I feel a little more content after reading this poster. :)

Found another hair tutorial online.

Hair tutorials are really inspirational. I will definitely try these when my scalp stop feeling sore. I don't know why my head feels so odd lately. Maybe I tie my hair up too often.

April 6, 2011


I haven't been updating much because I feel I haven't been productive. Anyhow, Spring Break was not as exciting as many people. I worked 8 hour shifts for 3 days. I went to an amazing Women's Conference on Saturday with Kristen Bell as Keynote speaker! She was an amazing speaker. I have so much to say about it. I think I will write more about it in another post. After witnessing Kristen Bell, I decided to go to this store called Savers up in Anaheim. I read about it in one of the many blogs I read. It truly was amazing. I bought five items for about $22 bucks. I felt like I saved a lot of money. :D

This week has not been so great. I found out that I got a 85% on my anthropology exam. I got a 92% on my sociology exam. I got a 91% on my communications essay. I went through massive traffic today making me late for my psychology quiz. I had a minute to answer all the questions and guessed all D's. That is so stupid. Statistically most of the answers would be B's or C's yet I stupidly did that. Later, I ditched my friend because I was too lazy to hang out with her. Like I don't have enough friends to lose...

I have no right to bring myself down. No more calling myself stupid. I get a fresh start next week after I finish that essay and catch up on everything. :)