March 5, 2011


On Wednesday, during theatre class we had a guest speaker--my professor's ex-husband--who talked about his experience with war. He was drafted and decided to sign up to be part of the medical team because he didn't want to fight in the unpopular and confusing Vietnam War. In the end, he managed to get become a photographer at the hospital since the old photographer had to leave. Looking at his resume, they noticed that he had photography experience so he got the job! When students asked him what was the most horrifying thing he's seen during his 4 years, he couldn't talk about it. He explained to us that war is indescribable. Most people that come back from wars don't know what to say about it so they just don't talk about it. Seeing all these dead people, killing all these people can arise a lot of emotions so Veterans just keep their mouths shut.

With this in mind, I'm questioning the necessity of war anytime in history. It seems like an easy fix. In history, we learn that war doesn't solve everything. We continue making the same mistakes. Throughout everyone's lives, we hear that war is bad. Yet, USA went into it years ago. I just don't understand why. War kills people. War isn't the answer. I just can't even describe how I feel about war in words. People are dying. Dying. I have this huge fear of dying, yet it seems so simple to kill someone. How would someone feel knowing that their significant other died? They're gone. They'll never see each other again. And slowly, their memories will fade away... And maybe another war will begin. And, we will kill each other again. Then, go through this agonizing pain again...


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