March 1, 2011

Power Balance Wristbands

So one of my friends is selling Power Balance Wristbands on facebook. She posted "Selling Power Balance Wristbands. Anyone interested? :D " I think she got a job at the mall or something. According to my professor, they have little kiosks selling them. Since I rarely go to the mall, I will take his word for it. I mean, why in the world would my professor lie to me about that? Anyway, I know that Power Balance Wristbands are a scam. It's all a placebo effect. There's no proven results that people with the wristbands have better balance. It is a placebo effect, for goodness sakes.

Anyway, I posted on her status in a casual manner telling her how I was disappointed in her for selling defective, scammy products. All she wrote was, "You know you wanna buy one, they're super sexy! :P" So when another friend of hers asked if they actually work, wells, I had to write back. I let him know that I felt that it was all a placebo effect. Also, since I knew about the result of a failed audience experiment in Australia, I let him see a link stating that they don't work. I felt it was my moral obligation to let people know that it's all a scam. She deletes my post and writes in my facebook wall, "Omg! I hate you for posting that! Please don't ruin business! Haha. I just had to delete it!" Seeing that, I apologized immediately. I apologized for letting my impulsive and scientific self write that. Then, I felt really horrible. After a couple minutes, however, I couldn't help but feel disgusted by my reaction. Why am I apologizing? I am not the one selling false products!

I completely understand that she has to earn money. But, selling scammy stuff makes me mad. We all noticed that athletes have been endorsing the product, but that doesn't mean crap. Really. I don't understand why we are so willing to believe public figures so easily. It kind of disgusts me how society is. I'm not trying to judge people, no matter what I am writing. I, too, am guilty of believing things too easily. I am too gullible. But, when I find the truth, I strive to let people know that what they believed was false.

Anyway, it makes me reconsider our friendship. I guess I do choose to keep my friends based on what they do and morals. I really like her, but I don't want to associate myself with a person willing to trick others for their benefit. I guess this makes me a bad person. She's just trying to earn money. She is probably going through a financial situation. I have no right to judge her, but I am. Anyhow, I wonder how she's feeling about me. Angry, maybe. I probably lost a bit of her business on facebook since she has like 500+ friends. Maybe she might reconsider our friendship because I'm willing to stand up to her. Maybe she won't even care. She is pretty cool like that. Though, if I were in her shoes, I think I would be hesitant around me.

Ending this post, I am sure we will continue being friends. Just, I have to stop intervening with her business. :/

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