March 3, 2011

History Professor

I'm rather hesitant to mention my Fall Semester's history professor's name, because it's pretty simple to find his name since it's really unique.

Walking out of the University Hall, I started to think about my history professor because I could see my old classroom from across the way. Passing the coffee stand, I looked at the people sitting in the chairs when I saw him--my old history professor! I wanted greet him but he was in some sort of a education meeting with other students and professors, so I just went my way.

So, why am I mentioning him here? Well, this is the professor that changed my college education. In the beginning, for the past year and a half here at college, I hated it! I hate the professors because they didn't seem like they cared. I didn't seem to learn enough. I just found lots of excuses to hate college and based on everything that was happening, it seemed reasonable to continue to hate college.

This was until I entered his class. In the beginning, I didn't enjoy the class, but during the middle of the semester, something happened. He actually said something about capitalism that made me think. After that, I appreciated his class more. I can't explain much, because even I don't know what changed in me to listen. I started to notice things more. I noticed that he was really compassionate about history. He really cared about our world and society. He showed that the past and the present are intertwined. He showed that we didn't need the best education to learn about all this. He made me appreciated the world more. He made me doubt the world. He made me, even though he didn't mean it, see the world in a more liberal view. For that, I appreciated him. For that, I realized that I believe in socialization more than I thought.

I guess what I'm saying is that, I believe there will be a professor that will change your life. He made me realize that there's always something good in a situation--you just had to look.

Anyway, thinking about him, I realized how much I miss going to his class and critically thinking and analyzing history. I think I'm going to try and email him and see how he is...


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