March 10, 2011

Decent Pair of Shoes

I don't know much about shoes except for the fact that mine do not last. I want a pair of shoes that are comfortable, simple looking, and long lasting. These look like the one! When I saw these oxfords on etsy, I was in love. I was so tempted to order a pair but I held off. I still haven't ordered a pair now because I feel I own a little too many pairs of shoes. I own less than 10 pairs of shoes which is too many already. Well, most people own more than 15 pairs of shoes, but still, I don't want to look frivolous!

I'm not sure if many people noticed the fact that these oxfords are made with real leather. It can be such a turn off. I believe that leather makes shoes last longer. I use to believe that everyone should use synthetic materials when it comes to clothes and shoes or whatnot because it's real animals. Goodness, I sounded like an elitist, having my own set of rules and not like people if they disagree. Now, I feel otherwise. I still want to save animals, but I also want a pair of long lasting shoes. I sound materialistic now. Okay, I still don't believe in fur. Oh, I sound like such a hypocrite...Don't mind me contradicting myself. Just enjoy looking at the photos.

These oxfords can be found here.


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