March 8, 2011

Dealing with Fear

Everyday Mei and I try to have chats about our day. Yesterday was no different. Anyway, she told me that a close friend of hers had a panic attack last Thursday. Worried, Mei asked her friend whether she had that experience before. Her friend said it was her first time but her brothers had panic attacks before.

Hearing this, Mei got scared. Elaine had a panic attack about three years ago and it scared us all to death because we didn't know what was going on. For months, she did not want to deal with it. Well, she did go to a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists but she seemed rather stubborn to receive the help she needed. In the end, however, I think she learned how to deal with it. She learned how to take deep breaths and worry less. I do worry, though, that Elaine would get a panic attack sometime in the near future. As much as I believe that she could deal with it, she's not as mature as she should be. I mean, she's 21 and isn't attempting to do anything life whereas I'm 20 and I kind of forced myself into a major and career despite the fact that I'm just as doubtful of life.

Anyway, Mei is worried of getting a panic attack because it seems to sound hereditary from her friend. I tried to explain that she's scaring herself, giving a self-fulfilling prophecy. She's smart and understands, but needs to learn how to deal with it her own way. I remember around middle school, I started to get scared about death. The only way I could find relief was to grab my wrist and feel a heartbeat. If I could FEEL it, I was so still there. After awhile, I stopped getting scared and didn't need to use alternative methods to feel better.

I'm hoping that Mei would find her own way to deal with her fear of panic attacks. I truly don't want her to stop pursuing whatever she wants just because of this self-fulfilling prophecy. I do have hope that she'll learn how to rid the fear like I did...


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