March 29, 2011

A Day Filled With Adventure



Today, I went on a little adventure by myself around Old Pasadena. I wanted to have some retail therapy as well as buy Mei some gifts for her birthday. I did not buy Mei gifts, but I did get her some food. At Trader Joe's, I bought some green tea mints, lemon scones and honey mustard pretzels. I went to Euro Pane Bakery for some pistachio and sea salt macarons. Later, I walked to Pappa Rich and bought a mocha bun.

After being by myself, I went to pick Elaine up at PCC. We went to Corner Bakery to redeem the free panini combo coupon that was going to expire. It was a good meal. I guess after a couple of hours of walking, I can be famished.

Oh, I forgot to mention this important part. I saw Danny Pudi today. For those that do not know, he's known as Abed in the TV series Community. I really enjoy watching that TV series. He is probably my favorite character in that series, but I don't know, I do like all the characters! In most TV shows, I would have one character I am more keen to but in this one, I love them all.

Anyway, I saw some guy with dark shade of green jacket. He had a bicycle and a bunch of text in the jacket. Surprised to see someone with that, I was going to ask where he got the jacket. When I looked at him, I got taken aback and thought, ABED. Yes, it sounds like I have a parasocial relationship with him. It was just the first thought in my bead. When he caught my eye, he smiled. Instead of exploiting him and maybe screaming (I wasn't planning on screaming), I kind of froze. I turned back around to rush to my car. A split second later, I turned back around and told him that I liked his jacket a lot. I couldn't ask him where he got it because the meter was running in my car (2 hours limit). He smiled back while on the phone and whispered, Thank you.

I hope he understood that I also wanted to tell him that I like the television series he is in. I have so much running through my head. I am glad I did not invade his privacy and asked all these questions. The fact that I saw him completely made my day. I did not need to say anything to him. I'd rather see celebrities as normal as they can be, just walking down Colorado Blvd. :)


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