March 3, 2011

Star Trek

Since I've been watching Big Bang Theory, I've been exposed to some of the science world. I can't stay that I'm an expert, but I do understand some of the concepts they talk about it. They also talk a lot about science fiction or fantasy tv shows and movies and comics.

One of the things they talk about is Star Trek. I remember watching and enjoying the movie that came out around two years ago. YES, I know many people didn't enjoy it, but I did since I don't know much about.

Channel surfing today (or well yesterday since it is March 3rd already), I encountered Star Trek: The Future Generation. Interested, I decided to watch it since it was beginning. Chatting with Elaine while she was surfing the internet at the laptop, I asked her whether we watched Star Trek when we were younger, because I can vaguely recall watching some science-fiction, space TV show almost daily. She told me she didn't think it was Star Trek. I, however, did believe that it was Star Trek because it obviously can't be Star Wars since the plot is different. Also, what other "Star" shows were available back in the day of 1994-1999?

Mommy finishes doing her households duties and asked if I was watching television. Since Star Trek was on commercial (and all I saw was the opening theme), I decided to let Mommy watch TV since I wanted to get some reading done. Right as I grabbed the remote to switch the television to DVD mode, Star Trek comes back on. Mommy goes off in Chinese, "Wow, that show is so old! Why are you watching this?" Curious, I decided it couldn't hurt to ask so I asked, "Mommy, did we use to watch this show?" Mommy said, "Yes, you guys always use to watch this show when you were younger. I didn't know you still watch this."

Long story short, I was right. :) I can't believe it since I've been having pretty bad memorization skills right now. Anyway, it also shows that I was a Star Trek geek when I was younger, despite the fact that I don't remember. :)


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