March 15, 2011

Aren't kids the darndest things? way! This is way too cute. I don't like romantics but this photo made me melt just a little. Pshhh. I'm a sappy, hopeless romantic.
I should have done this with my younger sister. :)
That's how Mei was like when Mom cut her hair when she was younger! Just kidding. She would kill me if she saw this post.
I wish I got a chance to hold a camera like that when I was younger.
Diverse and cute kids. :D
Cute little boys that look really feminine walking down the sidewalk.
Simple, photograph of timid children.
Quirky and mischievous kids!
I bet that you think I want kids now. Nahhh, too troublesome. Also, it looks like I'm promoting white children as a norm for cuteness. I definitely am not. I believe that all babies, children, anyone looks cute. I may not have a photo of every single person of every diversity but I do find other people gorgeous looking when I'm walking around campus. Sometimes, I stare at people so much that I do embarrassing things like the time I almost ran into the tree. -_- Argh, no more stories about me.


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