March 29, 2011

A Day Filled With Adventure



Today, I went on a little adventure by myself around Old Pasadena. I wanted to have some retail therapy as well as buy Mei some gifts for her birthday. I did not buy Mei gifts, but I did get her some food. At Trader Joe's, I bought some green tea mints, lemon scones and honey mustard pretzels. I went to Euro Pane Bakery for some pistachio and sea salt macarons. Later, I walked to Pappa Rich and bought a mocha bun.

After being by myself, I went to pick Elaine up at PCC. We went to Corner Bakery to redeem the free panini combo coupon that was going to expire. It was a good meal. I guess after a couple of hours of walking, I can be famished.

Oh, I forgot to mention this important part. I saw Danny Pudi today. For those that do not know, he's known as Abed in the TV series Community. I really enjoy watching that TV series. He is probably my favorite character in that series, but I don't know, I do like all the characters! In most TV shows, I would have one character I am more keen to but in this one, I love them all.

Anyway, I saw some guy with dark shade of green jacket. He had a bicycle and a bunch of text in the jacket. Surprised to see someone with that, I was going to ask where he got the jacket. When I looked at him, I got taken aback and thought, ABED. Yes, it sounds like I have a parasocial relationship with him. It was just the first thought in my bead. When he caught my eye, he smiled. Instead of exploiting him and maybe screaming (I wasn't planning on screaming), I kind of froze. I turned back around to rush to my car. A split second later, I turned back around and told him that I liked his jacket a lot. I couldn't ask him where he got it because the meter was running in my car (2 hours limit). He smiled back while on the phone and whispered, Thank you.

I hope he understood that I also wanted to tell him that I like the television series he is in. I have so much running through my head. I am glad I did not invade his privacy and asked all these questions. The fact that I saw him completely made my day. I did not need to say anything to him. I'd rather see celebrities as normal as they can be, just walking down Colorado Blvd. :)

March 27, 2011

Asymmetrical Front Floral Dress

I want this floral dress. It is flowy and have my colors that complement each other. I think I could pull off this dress. If I can get everything I want in life, I'd be broke. So, I will just look at this dress frequently and cry when someone else finally buys it.

It you're interested in buying this beautiful dress, it's here on etsy.


Cute. My hair needs to be more even and longer so I can do that.

March 26, 2011

French Macarons

Hmm, macarons do look pretty good. Today, Andrew, Christine, Sandy and I attempt to make some with lemon and vanilla fillings. They did not turn out the way we want, but they were good! I will upload some photos of the process in the upcoming days. The photos above are from pinterest. I hope I will be able to make macarons like those one day! :D I think if I ever get an apartment, I'd love to try again, or well at someone else's house since we don't have a functioning oven. Overall, it was a fun dayl

March 20, 2011

Social Norms

People from other countries interact significantly different from those of the United States. On Friday, I went to the TSU to microwave my food. Standing in front of the microwaves, I saw this Korean exchange student that my friend knew because she was part of this welcoming committee at school. I remember she introduced us to each other. We greeted each other. Then, I offered him some muffins to him because I had a plate of muffins from my supervisor. Sitting down, I had a slight chat with him. Asked him a bit about Korea. Told him nothing about me. We had this kind of big language barrier because he doesn't speak English that well whereas I do not know any Korean.

After awhile I realized that he nodded a lot. It was then when I realized that he probably didn't understand much of my English. I tend to talk pretty fast as well as mumble. Only my closest friends would understand or even hear me when I mumble. So, I started quizzing him. I know, this is not the best method to befriend anyone. I asked him if he knew what I was saying before. He shook his head. Oh the horror. I felt so horrible. So, after I talked a bit, I'd ask him whether he knew what I meant. Like, I asked him if he knew what "psychology" was. For awhile, he was stumped. Then, I asked him what he did in Korea. Apparently he was a reporter. Pretty cool, right? So, that's why he's a Radio-TV-Film major.

Anyway, I didn't know what else to say after awhile. Also, he stopped eating. In a huge plate of muffins, he ate half of them. Well, all the muffins were cut up into fours, so he probably just ate like one and a half muffins. I didn't know how to say good-bye. So, I told him to join me to fold cranes for this fundraiser that would help Japan's relief. He said no thanks so that was that.

Walking outside of the TSU Courtyard, we bid farewell to each other and went our separate ways.

Anyway, getting to the point of this post, the next day on facebook message he writes this cute (sounds so Asian) message:

hi! Liny~~
Thanks yesterday~I will stop by the woman center on friday later~
let's hang out after exam~^^

Ah, cute note, right? I didn't know that people still write thank you notes these days. I use to write thank you notes all the time--well on Facebook. When people gave me a ride home, I'd write a note of thanks. I tell them thank you in person the next day. All those shenanigans that it probably got annoying.

I guess after awhile, I stopped writing letters of appreciation. I just assumed that people would know that I am thankful of them. Sometimes I forget that people want to feel appreciated. I think most people aren't exactly grateful of me as a friend. I complain a lot. I unintentionally judge strangers (behind their backs). I assume a lot. Sometimes I am rude. I'm not exactly the greatest friend in the world. So, I am grateful for those that manage to stick with me through the thick and thin.

I guess it is somewhat of a social norm for some people in different countries to always give thanks. I'm going to try to remember to give my thanks to everyone around me. Thanks for being there. :)


Both of my sisters' birthdays are coming up--Elaine's birthday is tomorrow whereas Mei's is two Sundays from today. They mentioned it several times over the last month which worried me a lot. I really don't know what to get the both of them. A norm in our family is just to give money to each other. However, with my sisters, I give them money as well a gifts.

Mei and I bought Elaine food that she liked yesterday. We wanted to buy clothes for her but she hates it whenever we help her with her purchases. I remember we bought her this really nice red coat two years ago and she hasn't worn it yet. I think she gave it to Mei a couple months ago.

I got Mei this really nice backpack from Target (photo above). We were there yesterday and both wanted it. I ended up buying it because she didn't bring enough money. Talking to her, I decided to give it to her since I honestly can't see myself wearing it at school or anywhere in public. I want her to keep it as a birthday present and take it with her to whatever college she decides to go to.

Changing the subject, but still relating to this topic, I don't like giving gifts for anything. I feel this immense pressure when someone's birthday is coming up. I feel this pressure to find them an amazing gift that they would like. With this in mind, I should mention that I tend to shop for myself when I buy gifts. I'd think, Oh, that looks like something she'll like, when in reality she wouldn't like that craft book or something.

I remember one year for my birthday my really good friend gave me this toy that dispenses candy. Being a stupid and mean girl I was, I refused to accept the present. To understand why I didn't accept it, I have to explain a bit. Before my birthday I went to Rite Aid to buy some snacks when I encountered her sisters buying candy. She may have been there, but I really can't recall her. I spoke with them a bit when the sisters told me that they were buying me a gift for my birthday from her sister. When I heard that, I was taken little aback. What, her sisters are buying me a gift? Why isn't she buying me a gift? I was pretty annoyed to hear that they just went to the first store to get me a gift. It sounded rather last minute. I also had this bit of hope that it wasn't my gift. Perhaps she'll give me something else and this was just a diversion? So, the next day when she gave me the toy, I was still pretty surprised. As indifferent as I tried to be, I couldn't help but feel sad. Being extremely rude, I gave it back to her in a happy voice. I told her that I couldn't accept any presents because I don't celebrate my birthday. She was taken aback. She couldn't believe I wouldn't accept the gift. Anyway, she took it back and I thought that situation was over. When I spoke with her after school, she completely ignored me. I didn't understand why she was like that until I realized that it was because I wouldn't accept her gift. For about a month or so, she wouldn't speak with me. Too mad at me. It was completely understandable. I would have been pissed off if my good friend didn't accept my gift to them. I tried to get back our friendship but everything I did wasn't helpful. Other friends tried to help, but I don't know. Thinking back, I can't seem to understand why I didn't accept it. Why did I let my pride get the best of me? Why did I have such a high expectation for that birthday? The truth is, I have never been a fan of birthdays but for some reason I let myself believe that maybe things will be different that year. After that situation, however, we still remained friends. Actually, I think we're more than friends. More like, close friends. I pretty much confide to her about almost everything. It is kind of bad because we both go to different schools and she has so much stress yet she almost always have the time for me.

I think that she stills think about that situation around our birthdays (a week apart). I wonder if she still gets mad over it. Probably yes. Every time I think about her birthday, I feel so guilty and kind of want to do something extravagant. Even though the situation is over five years ago, I still feel teary when thinking about the stupid thing I did to almost lose our friendship. I'm sorry. :(

So, there's my post on birthdays. I went off topic.

If you like that backpack, you can purchase it at Target!

March 17, 2011

The Perfect Bun

Hair tutorials. I'm still completely obsessed of them. People reading this blog probably think I have gone completely insane. I kind of think I am, too.

Anyway, I kind of wish I had amazing long hair to make that bun. :)

Source: Weheartit

March 15, 2011

Aren't kids the darndest things? way! This is way too cute. I don't like romantics but this photo made me melt just a little. Pshhh. I'm a sappy, hopeless romantic.
I should have done this with my younger sister. :)
That's how Mei was like when Mom cut her hair when she was younger! Just kidding. She would kill me if she saw this post.
I wish I got a chance to hold a camera like that when I was younger.
Diverse and cute kids. :D
Cute little boys that look really feminine walking down the sidewalk.
Simple, photograph of timid children.
Quirky and mischievous kids!
I bet that you think I want kids now. Nahhh, too troublesome. Also, it looks like I'm promoting white children as a norm for cuteness. I definitely am not. I believe that all babies, children, anyone looks cute. I may not have a photo of every single person of every diversity but I do find other people gorgeous looking when I'm walking around campus. Sometimes, I stare at people so much that I do embarrassing things like the time I almost ran into the tree. -_- Argh, no more stories about me.


I am going to try and update more about my life in this blog. The other day, I looked at my really old entries on my tumblr--the ones I actually took time to write. Reading them, I had this rush of memories. I started to feel really nostalgic. I also started to wonder whether these events really happen. I know they did, but I couldn't help but ponder. Did I really experience these events? Was this really a year ago? As I looked through my blog entries up to recently, I noticed that I stopped writing. What happened to me? Why did I stop writing? When did blogging become a gruesome task? Well, I want to remember much of my life experiences so I'm going to try and update more about myself more frequently.

March 14, 2011


Every time I see videos about Japan being washed up, I feel like crying. I guess I'm sensitive like that. Just the other day, my co-worker called me sensitive--because of something else. I'll incorporate that to this, though. I've always thought I was somewhat insensitive. I, like many people, laugh at awkward situations. Sometimes, I can't empathize with people. I can be relentlessly rude. I guess it is a shock. I am human. I do have emotions for other people. I am not selfish as I thought. I don't just think about me, me, me. I am pretty sensitive and seeing all those people in Japan just made me realize a part of me that I never really saw in myself.

March 11, 2011

Earthquake, Tsunami, Fires in Japan

Watching the videos of Japan made me cry. I started to watch it and just kept looking in shock. I put my hand over my mouth gasping, Oh my gosh. It looks so surreal. Did this just happen? All really fast waves rushing through the country and many people driving off as the wave comes closer. I saw all those boats running into buildings or people. I saw the buildings floating off. As unreal as it looks, it was definitely something that happened.

I can't believe I cried. I'm working right now at my receptionist job. I'm not suppose to be watching Japan disaster videos on youtube or the news. No one saw me cry, so it didn't happen right? I just can't believe it. Everything is REAL.

Look at the videos I saw here.

March 10, 2011

Cute Kids

I'm not trying to endorse little kids that are dressed nicely, but really, she's really cute. :)

When I was a child, I was never given such glamorous clothes. Our family never had much. I had my sister's hand-me-downs which were given from my relatives. Basically, I never owned anything until high school. I remember buying one of my first clothes when I was a freshman in high school and thinking, Wow, this is mine. I'm sure I would have laughed if I heard that story...if it wasn't true.

Now buy my own clothes but make pretty bad decisions. I've donated much of my clothes last month so empty much of my wardrobe. The bad part is that I bought into the low rise flare jeans trend. Now, I own like 5 pairs of them and they're a little too big for me. The flares in the bottom are also horrible. :( What to do now? I don't want to donate them because I never worn them and feel too guilty from spending all that money. I own 4 pairs of skinny jeans now and wear them almost daily. Yes, that does sound gross for some people, but I don't care. Also, I do get them washed after a couple wears. I don't have much tops. I mostly own t-shirts. I own a lot because I loved silkscreened t-shirts with quirky designs and witty sayings. I regret owning way too much. Anyway, that's basically my wardrobe. Not much items in there. I've added a couple more items over my t-shirt and jeans days, but not a lot. Ahh, maybe I should go to the thrift store this weekend and find some cool pieces...

What to do now? STOP spending money on bad quality fibers and poorly made clothes. Also, stop envying little kids.

Decent Pair of Shoes

I don't know much about shoes except for the fact that mine do not last. I want a pair of shoes that are comfortable, simple looking, and long lasting. These look like the one! When I saw these oxfords on etsy, I was in love. I was so tempted to order a pair but I held off. I still haven't ordered a pair now because I feel I own a little too many pairs of shoes. I own less than 10 pairs of shoes which is too many already. Well, most people own more than 15 pairs of shoes, but still, I don't want to look frivolous!

I'm not sure if many people noticed the fact that these oxfords are made with real leather. It can be such a turn off. I believe that leather makes shoes last longer. I use to believe that everyone should use synthetic materials when it comes to clothes and shoes or whatnot because it's real animals. Goodness, I sounded like an elitist, having my own set of rules and not like people if they disagree. Now, I feel otherwise. I still want to save animals, but I also want a pair of long lasting shoes. I sound materialistic now. Okay, I still don't believe in fur. Oh, I sound like such a hypocrite...Don't mind me contradicting myself. Just enjoy looking at the photos.

These oxfords can be found here.

March 8, 2011


I want to say that I'm a huge LOST fanatic, but I'm not exactly one of those crazy fans. I enjoyed watching LOST when I did over the summer. I just finished it two weeks ago and enjoyed it immensely. I truly did. Despite the fact that many fans felt the end was too abrupt and didn't answer all the questions, I was okay. I liked how many characters tied up all their loose ends. I didn't like some things that happened in the end, but it was still good. I felt this sense of relief. I got the chance to experience tears and laughter in the end and am grateful that for choosing to take a chance with this series. It went above and beyond my expectations.

Dealing with Fear

Everyday Mei and I try to have chats about our day. Yesterday was no different. Anyway, she told me that a close friend of hers had a panic attack last Thursday. Worried, Mei asked her friend whether she had that experience before. Her friend said it was her first time but her brothers had panic attacks before.

Hearing this, Mei got scared. Elaine had a panic attack about three years ago and it scared us all to death because we didn't know what was going on. For months, she did not want to deal with it. Well, she did go to a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists but she seemed rather stubborn to receive the help she needed. In the end, however, I think she learned how to deal with it. She learned how to take deep breaths and worry less. I do worry, though, that Elaine would get a panic attack sometime in the near future. As much as I believe that she could deal with it, she's not as mature as she should be. I mean, she's 21 and isn't attempting to do anything life whereas I'm 20 and I kind of forced myself into a major and career despite the fact that I'm just as doubtful of life.

Anyway, Mei is worried of getting a panic attack because it seems to sound hereditary from her friend. I tried to explain that she's scaring herself, giving a self-fulfilling prophecy. She's smart and understands, but needs to learn how to deal with it her own way. I remember around middle school, I started to get scared about death. The only way I could find relief was to grab my wrist and feel a heartbeat. If I could FEEL it, I was so still there. After awhile, I stopped getting scared and didn't need to use alternative methods to feel better.

I'm hoping that Mei would find her own way to deal with her fear of panic attacks. I truly don't want her to stop pursuing whatever she wants just because of this self-fulfilling prophecy. I do have hope that she'll learn how to rid the fear like I did...

March 5, 2011


On Wednesday, during theatre class we had a guest speaker--my professor's ex-husband--who talked about his experience with war. He was drafted and decided to sign up to be part of the medical team because he didn't want to fight in the unpopular and confusing Vietnam War. In the end, he managed to get become a photographer at the hospital since the old photographer had to leave. Looking at his resume, they noticed that he had photography experience so he got the job! When students asked him what was the most horrifying thing he's seen during his 4 years, he couldn't talk about it. He explained to us that war is indescribable. Most people that come back from wars don't know what to say about it so they just don't talk about it. Seeing all these dead people, killing all these people can arise a lot of emotions so Veterans just keep their mouths shut.

With this in mind, I'm questioning the necessity of war anytime in history. It seems like an easy fix. In history, we learn that war doesn't solve everything. We continue making the same mistakes. Throughout everyone's lives, we hear that war is bad. Yet, USA went into it years ago. I just don't understand why. War kills people. War isn't the answer. I just can't even describe how I feel about war in words. People are dying. Dying. I have this huge fear of dying, yet it seems so simple to kill someone. How would someone feel knowing that their significant other died? They're gone. They'll never see each other again. And slowly, their memories will fade away... And maybe another war will begin. And, we will kill each other again. Then, go through this agonizing pain again...

March 4, 2011

Japanese Craft Pattern Books

I love looking at Japanese Craft Pattern books. All the clothing designs look so minimalistic yet chic. I want to go out in the streets with those dresses. Since I can't find most of these dresses anywhere, I'd love to sew them myself. Mommy has a sewing machine, but it's one of those commercial factory ones so it's pretty difficult to use. I think I might get a sewing machine myself one of these days.

These pattern books can be found at this Etsy shop! :)

March 3, 2011

History Professor

I'm rather hesitant to mention my Fall Semester's history professor's name, because it's pretty simple to find his name since it's really unique.

Walking out of the University Hall, I started to think about my history professor because I could see my old classroom from across the way. Passing the coffee stand, I looked at the people sitting in the chairs when I saw him--my old history professor! I wanted greet him but he was in some sort of a education meeting with other students and professors, so I just went my way.

So, why am I mentioning him here? Well, this is the professor that changed my college education. In the beginning, for the past year and a half here at college, I hated it! I hate the professors because they didn't seem like they cared. I didn't seem to learn enough. I just found lots of excuses to hate college and based on everything that was happening, it seemed reasonable to continue to hate college.

This was until I entered his class. In the beginning, I didn't enjoy the class, but during the middle of the semester, something happened. He actually said something about capitalism that made me think. After that, I appreciated his class more. I can't explain much, because even I don't know what changed in me to listen. I started to notice things more. I noticed that he was really compassionate about history. He really cared about our world and society. He showed that the past and the present are intertwined. He showed that we didn't need the best education to learn about all this. He made me appreciated the world more. He made me doubt the world. He made me, even though he didn't mean it, see the world in a more liberal view. For that, I appreciated him. For that, I realized that I believe in socialization more than I thought.

I guess what I'm saying is that, I believe there will be a professor that will change your life. He made me realize that there's always something good in a situation--you just had to look.

Anyway, thinking about him, I realized how much I miss going to his class and critically thinking and analyzing history. I think I'm going to try and email him and see how he is...

Star Trek

Since I've been watching Big Bang Theory, I've been exposed to some of the science world. I can't stay that I'm an expert, but I do understand some of the concepts they talk about it. They also talk a lot about science fiction or fantasy tv shows and movies and comics.

One of the things they talk about is Star Trek. I remember watching and enjoying the movie that came out around two years ago. YES, I know many people didn't enjoy it, but I did since I don't know much about.

Channel surfing today (or well yesterday since it is March 3rd already), I encountered Star Trek: The Future Generation. Interested, I decided to watch it since it was beginning. Chatting with Elaine while she was surfing the internet at the laptop, I asked her whether we watched Star Trek when we were younger, because I can vaguely recall watching some science-fiction, space TV show almost daily. She told me she didn't think it was Star Trek. I, however, did believe that it was Star Trek because it obviously can't be Star Wars since the plot is different. Also, what other "Star" shows were available back in the day of 1994-1999?

Mommy finishes doing her households duties and asked if I was watching television. Since Star Trek was on commercial (and all I saw was the opening theme), I decided to let Mommy watch TV since I wanted to get some reading done. Right as I grabbed the remote to switch the television to DVD mode, Star Trek comes back on. Mommy goes off in Chinese, "Wow, that show is so old! Why are you watching this?" Curious, I decided it couldn't hurt to ask so I asked, "Mommy, did we use to watch this show?" Mommy said, "Yes, you guys always use to watch this show when you were younger. I didn't know you still watch this."

Long story short, I was right. :) I can't believe it since I've been having pretty bad memorization skills right now. Anyway, it also shows that I was a Star Trek geek when I was younger, despite the fact that I don't remember. :)

March 1, 2011

Power Balance Wristbands

So one of my friends is selling Power Balance Wristbands on facebook. She posted "Selling Power Balance Wristbands. Anyone interested? :D " I think she got a job at the mall or something. According to my professor, they have little kiosks selling them. Since I rarely go to the mall, I will take his word for it. I mean, why in the world would my professor lie to me about that? Anyway, I know that Power Balance Wristbands are a scam. It's all a placebo effect. There's no proven results that people with the wristbands have better balance. It is a placebo effect, for goodness sakes.

Anyway, I posted on her status in a casual manner telling her how I was disappointed in her for selling defective, scammy products. All she wrote was, "You know you wanna buy one, they're super sexy! :P" So when another friend of hers asked if they actually work, wells, I had to write back. I let him know that I felt that it was all a placebo effect. Also, since I knew about the result of a failed audience experiment in Australia, I let him see a link stating that they don't work. I felt it was my moral obligation to let people know that it's all a scam. She deletes my post and writes in my facebook wall, "Omg! I hate you for posting that! Please don't ruin business! Haha. I just had to delete it!" Seeing that, I apologized immediately. I apologized for letting my impulsive and scientific self write that. Then, I felt really horrible. After a couple minutes, however, I couldn't help but feel disgusted by my reaction. Why am I apologizing? I am not the one selling false products!

I completely understand that she has to earn money. But, selling scammy stuff makes me mad. We all noticed that athletes have been endorsing the product, but that doesn't mean crap. Really. I don't understand why we are so willing to believe public figures so easily. It kind of disgusts me how society is. I'm not trying to judge people, no matter what I am writing. I, too, am guilty of believing things too easily. I am too gullible. But, when I find the truth, I strive to let people know that what they believed was false.

Anyway, it makes me reconsider our friendship. I guess I do choose to keep my friends based on what they do and morals. I really like her, but I don't want to associate myself with a person willing to trick others for their benefit. I guess this makes me a bad person. She's just trying to earn money. She is probably going through a financial situation. I have no right to judge her, but I am. Anyhow, I wonder how she's feeling about me. Angry, maybe. I probably lost a bit of her business on facebook since she has like 500+ friends. Maybe she might reconsider our friendship because I'm willing to stand up to her. Maybe she won't even care. She is pretty cool like that. Though, if I were in her shoes, I think I would be hesitant around me.

Ending this post, I am sure we will continue being friends. Just, I have to stop intervening with her business. :/

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