February 26, 2011

Remember When?

Memories are tricky little things. Most of the time, we don't need to go back to certain memories, just because we're all pretty selfish so we're pretty selective from what we wan to remember.

So, I drove Mei to RHS today so she could go on her SAVE field trip. Driving home near the Mission/Walnut Grove intersection, my mind started wandering. I started to think about that bike ride that Christine, Robert, Juan, Annie and I did like a year and a half ago. It was summer of 2009. We wanted to bike to Eaton Canyon but stuff happened. Juan lent us his family bikes and one of them had chain problems. After a couple of hours, the bike was finally fixed. However, by the time we decided to bike, we got lazy. We didn't want to go anymore. Instead, we went to Quickly's and grabbed a meal. I remember sharing a snack with Christine. It was measly and regretful. We had some sort of combination fried food thing while Juan had this huge meal of rice, egg, and spam(?). After the meal, we decided not to go to Eaton Canyon and visit Darwin.

Biking near Walnut Grove, somehow Robert fell off his bike. He was probably riding his bike too close to the edge. Seeing that, I quickly got off my bike and went to see how he was doing. He was fine and still able to bike.

Anyway, after that incident, Robert told everyone that I jumped off my bike dramatically to check if he was okay! Oh gosh, that was embarrassing. Then, Jonathan asked if I would save him and I said of course. AND, well, there's this facebook post of all of us talking about my heroic jump out of the bike. So, this is forever an inside joke between Christine, Jonathan, Robert, and me.

Just being around that corner made me feel somewhat nostalgic. I really feel guilty for letting many people drift away. At the same time, however, I can't help but feel mad that some people don't try to stay friends. They don't try to plan events so that everyone would hang out.

Well, I shouldn't dwell on this and be grateful for the friends I'm still communicating with. Anyway, I truly am grateful for the memories that everyone has ever given to me. They have, as cliche as this sounds, shaped who I am. I keep thinking I will be so much different if I hung out with different people... so yeah, thanks.


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